CAM+ Unlimited?

Is the CAM+ Unlimited deal still available ? I lost the link / info.

Have you looked at this thread:

thanks! (sigh)

This …seems like nothing more than a tease. I mean, really - if you have customers who have 5+ cameras, we are invested. Especially…anything more than 10 cams. We’re deeply invested. Why is there a subscription required for every individual cam and not tiers of subscriptions? I have 6 cameras…I’d gladly pay $10/month - maybe $15/month for unlimited. I’m just now finding out there was “once upon a time” an option that existed to get “unlimited” which is really …99 device licenses.

I really hope Wyze gets their poop in a group. This is nonsense. Smh.

Once they are done refining the Cam Plus Unlimited with the current limited user test base they will offer it again for everyone.

My fingers are crossed lol thank you for the hope!

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I was on a youtube or facebook live where they said they’d offer the unlimited. Also got an email but the email link doesn’t work. I wanted to get a couple more installed before ordering. How do I order the unlimited now?

As far as I know it isn’t available. There was some mention of having it back sometime in the future.