Cam Pan front door/yard security

I have a covered front porch that protects my cam-pan which is mounted on top of my porch light with a bendable wire mount (Amazon). It draws it’s power via the light socket using a very flat USB adapter (Amazon) plugged into an electrical outlet-light bulb adapter (Home Depot) screwed into the light socket. I use a Smart Light Bulb, thus allowing the light switch to be permanently turned ON, but I am able to turn the light ON and OFF independently via Alexa or the Smart Life App.

I use IFTT and WU Apps for turning the Wyse motion sensor of the camera ON at Sunset and OFF at Sunrise. Even with the human sensing, which was a welcomed feature, daytime tree shadows and blowing limbs trigger a lot of alerts. Always being home during the day negated the need for day time motion sensing.

When motion is sensed at night, I then use IFTT and the Smart Life App to turn on all the outside front lights, hoping to scare the intruder. The lights only remain ON for 3 minutes and then turn themselves back OFF. I also use an identical routine with the same Apps to turn on Key lamps in a Red color within the house. Red not harming my night vision but warning me, allows me to tell Alexa to Show Me The Front Door either via the TV Cube or the Echo Show 5. I have Alexa commands to Reset the In-House lights.


you mentioned you are using person detection. you can set it so it ONLY notifies you when it detects a person. that is you were not aware of the feature setting for notifications. it cut down on my false alerts immensely and if something is triggered falsely I use that to mark and train the AI.

Thanks for the heads up. Even with that, it still triggers on tree branch shadows.


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yes, it will still trigger on all motion ( for now) so apart from that setting up the camera for the 5 minute cool down, it works great. and of the clips that are taken you can filter those by only the ones that trigger person detection with the “person” button on the top above the clips in the event page.

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In actual practice, using the person setting has eliminated and lot of auto head light alerts at night. Bats do occasionally set off the alerts at night but not every night. Turning off the sensor at sunrise has avoided any tree shadow alerts. I’m not complaining. I actually like the camera and it’s software and I do realize that the camera was designed for INDOORS. So issues with tree shadows, Bats, and head lights are just something I have to face and not fault Wyze and their products. I love the functionality and price.

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electrical outlet-light bulb adapter (Home Depot) screwed into the light socket

Do you mind linking this item from home depot? I’m very interested but can’t find it!

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I use smart bulbs to control the on/off of the light itself. Here is the socket adapter from Home Depot.

Light Socket Plug Adapter

The flat USB power adapter I bought off of Amazon. I needed it flat to fit in the light fixture. It has two USB power ports which allows me to set up a second camera’s power for a different angle view.

Flat USB Power Supply

The result of this arrangement did prove useful. I did have an intruder who was looking into windows of several homes on my street. My lights did come on and cause him to move away from my house. My only complaint is the time lag using IFTTT puts almost a 15-20 second delay from sensing the intruder until the light actually turned on. Problem with latency of retrieving computer data from Apps home computers wherever they are. Hopefully someday control will remain local. It wasn’t the intruder’s night because he also looked into the windows of my neighbor, where both spouses are Deputy Sheriffs. LOL They both were on duty but I Texted them of the situation. Within minutes the neighborhood was swarming with Sheriffs cars. I did go back to my MicroSD recording of the whole 15 minute time frame of the Intruder and made copies for the deputies to add to their own cam recordings at their house. The intruder was apprehended.

As a result, I believe if you want to be a star, just walk down my street at night. I believe every home on the street has installed front door cameras since. LOL Actually, that is probably true of the whole housing edition due to word spreading fast using the “NextDoor” App that all neighbors share, including neighboring neighborhoods for several square miles.

Sadly, I think Ring and Home Depot made out on the deal (following day’s cam sales) even though it was my Red flashing night stand light and my WYZE Pan Cam’s motion detection that started the whole ball rolling.