Bring Back Wyze Cam Black

Matte finish for any color or shade might be more discreet plus lower reflection if placed looking out a window. Function over “looks”. Was the limited edition black cam glossy or flat finish? If non-glossy it has my vote.

Maybe an option for the outdoor version of the Wyze Cam? The only color/shade would be a matte grey to black to maintain production cost. Guessing sales would come close to the v1 &2 model.

Always wondered why there wasnt a black option and now I find out there was a special edition… OMG, bring it back!

There is obviously a big market for the black version. While I understand that you are a small company, it is also true that small companies grow when people buy more of their products.

Also, instead of charging more for the black version why not just limit the amount ordered per household? That way you won’t have to worry about making large quantities.

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I agree, but in case they don’t bring it back, these black covers work well…

Look forward to Black version, but i had to improvise to reduce window glare for mine, and i used some $8 Con-tact paper, it is the Black chalkboard version, so it is dull and eliminated all the reflection for the ones i have. takes a little bit to trim real nice, but works well for $8 and 6 cameras with more left to use.

Here was my solution for $6. The paint should peel off if you ever need to return the camera:

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Please bring back the black Wyze cam!

So I bought two white cams and shortly thereafter Wyze came out with the black devices. I inquired about swapping them at that time, and the response I received was cumbersome at best. So I kept the white cams much to my chagrin.

So I waited…

And I’m still waiting. Where are the black cams??

Bring it back!

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Please do bring back, apart from cool looking, they “hide” better at night or in dark places

I would gladly pay a premium for the black version.

The black ones hide so easily in windows, especially when viewing outside.

I bought them largely because the all black units don’t stand out as an obvious camera when placed on shelves but they actually hide away in some many places the white can’t.

Personally I think we should have both. That said if I had one choice I would rather how black owning both myself. Looking at other makers black seems to also be more common over white.

Please bring back the black wyze cam! I want to buy more but don’t want white!

Why would it be extra cost? Is the color black more to make vs white?

Are they safe to paint if you need to hide is with other black things?

I asked them about painting them or looks like someone is doing black Vinyl.

Vinyl is a great idea because you can put other colors to match things around it.

There is extra cost for black versus white and it also adjusts our manufacturing process (which adds extra cost). Some people have tried painting their Wyze Cams so you may want to ask about this in the #ask-the-community area. :slight_smile:

there is a guy on these forums that does a great job with the vinyls…i bought a few from him and I love them.

Even if white is considered cooler these days, black blends more easily in a non nerd setting and is easier to conceal.

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Most of our V2s are looking out windows and the white body makes a noticeable reflection in the recorded video at certain times of the day. So I used a large Sharpie Pro to color just the fronts black.

No more annoying “whitewash” reflections in the glass and @fabulous is correct - they blend in so much better because they don’t look at all like cameras any more. With no distinctive round black lens showing up on a white background, they are just nondescript black squares in the windows. Even against white window treatments, they do not scream “SECURITY CAMERA HERE!” any more.

I left the rest of the camera stock white/gray to possibly reflect heat better.

Anyhow, my $0.02 worth is that it’s a lot easier to change the color of a white plastic camera with almost any color magic marker than it is to change the color of a black plastic one. And it takes all of two or three minute to do, even for someone as un-artistic as myself. The only trick is to let the permanent ink dry before carelessly handling the camera. :expressionless:

So I think the current white cameras offer more flexibility in concealment and blending in - when that is desired.


My vote is definitely to bring back Wyze Cam Black!