Bookmark & Doodles

I’d like to be able to save clips in the cloud.

When I’m going through clips and I see a clip I’d like to save, I should be able to save it in the cloud and refer to it for as long as it is bookmarked. I’d still be able to download it if I wish and share it but it wouldn’t leave the cloud after 2 weeks. Or every for that matter.

Additionally, the detection feature would be awesome if we were able to freehand the detection areas (multiple). Because I’m sure there are fewer users whose detection areas are perfectly squared and symmetrical than there are one’s who need odd shaped detection areas like myself. So if I could draw the detection areas of get fewer unneeded notifications our false alarms.

Ill start with the second request first. There is a wishlist item for that very request, to have greater control.over the shape of the detection zone.

Currently for the free cloud storage and CMC service, 14 days is the max and those are for triggered event videos. The closest thing to what your request is to download the event video to your device, and upload that clip to a personal cloud Dropbox, or bin to save somewhere. I upload my savers to my YouTube page, just keep the videos private so only I can see them and they are accessable from wherever I log into YouTube.