[Beta] iOS and Android beta app V2.0.14 released

I agree… Local Storage should be moved out to the Camera Settings page, not buried under Advanced Settings. @WyzeLi

My #1 problem with the current 2.0.14 app is how (in Android), if I close/leave the app and then come back in, it returns to the camera I was viewing last. Then if I hit the back arrow (upper left) or back button on my phone it completely EXITS the app. I expect it to go back to the list of cameras so that I can view a different one.

This doesn’t happen once I’ve effectively restarted the app and start at the list of cameras. I can view cam 1, hit back, view cam 2, hit back, etc. But if I leave it on cam 1 and switch over to another app (and maybe it gets released from memory?) then when I switch back I see cam 1 just fine, but the back button completely exits.

Anyone else seeing this?

Thanks for an awesome product!

The event/notification videos automatically play with the sound turned on. Can this go back to how it was before, and play muted? I also noticed that clicking the sound off button at the bottom of the event video screen, it mutes the entire android phone volume, not just the video itself.

About the known issue "(Android) Shared camera should not be renamed’. Is there a way to unshare the cameras or provide a warning to the user if the shared camera is renamed to something else to prevent sharing cameras that are relocated to different places?

You can unshare a camera by going to Account → Device Sharing and then remove your share to a person.

I know how to unshare… But when I moved the camera to a different location and renamed the camera, I forgot that I was sharing the camera and I didn’t want it to be shared on the new location.

Oh, got it. We don’t have it yet. Thanks for clarifying!

@JJC yes I noticed that hitting the back button also completely exited the wyze app as well in the new app 2.023 on Android. I couldn’t replicate it though by switching apps. I noticed it happens when I watch the event video, then watch an event, hit the back button to go to events, hit back again will exit the program. I don’t think the old app behaved that way.

Alert Schedule should have option to set on specific day’s

Individual day scheduling can be accomplished using the Shortcuts feature at the top of the Home page.

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So I have noticed the following behavior and I don’t know if its expected behavior or buggy behavior.

When I am viewing a camera in the app (Android Beta) and I click the home button to go to my home screen and doing something else. Go back to the app via the app icon it auto launches to the camera I was viewing before BUT if I hit the back button it closes out of the app back to my home screen. The back button (in my opinion) ought to go to the app home screen in the case. (I know there have been other back button change requests made). If I launch the app by going to my recent apps and switching back to it the back button sends me to the home screen (which is the desired outcome).

Occasionally, when I have several new notifications to view, it will show me the same exact clip under two different events even when they are different rooms. Such as when I click "Living Room Motion detected: from 10:54 I view the clip. Then I click “Kitchen Motion Detected” 10:52 and it will just play the clip from the Living Room and I cannot force it to load the correct clip. This has happened a handful of times now but I can’t recreate it on purpose.

Google Pixel (2016) on Verizon (also happens on WiFi) still on App V2.0.903 because it won’t update to the newest Beta version (which is also an issue) after testing the AI stuff. Android 9.

how do I upgrade to the new app (2.0)

iOS or Android?

Preferred the On/Off toggle visible on the Home page view for each camera. Don’t know why it was removed in the most recent beta.

This lets me turn off any camera directly without necessarily launching it and waiting for it to connect.

It was very useful. Please bring this back.

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I am not on the Beta testing group … but I’m a bit concerned about future apps since the last App update was not compatible with my iPhone 5C. I know, I know, get a new iphone …

When the app store notified me of Wyze App 2.0.21, I tried to update my Wyze app and received the following message:

“Do you want to download the last compatible version? This version of WYZE is not compatible with this device.”

So, I guess, until I listen to my wife and get a new iPhone, I’m frozen out of all the new goodies in future apps.

Hopefully my outdated WYZE app will allow me to flash the firmware when it’s released. Speaking of which, I hope the new firmware currently in beta doesn’t mess up my live video viewing and event logging in the cloud that currently works in the last compatible app.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Sorry for any inconvenience. We will improve the comparability in the upcoming 2.1 and hope you will enjoy the latest version.


There was an accidental configuration change in 2.0.21 which made a small % of old devices not compatible. We are reverting that change in V2.1 release (estimated next week). Please check that again after we release. Thanks!


Thanks for the quick reply, Wyze team Tao and Roy! I look forward to the update and renewed compatibility. I’d even be willing to be “test” case to see if the iPhone 5C regains compatibility with the new update.


You can join the #beta program and test it right now if you like. See the pinned post about how to join in that section.

Anyone who has created a mobile app knows it’s like building a screen all over again when trying to support all modes, New UX/UI and dev work. It’s even crazier when you support multiple platforms. It’s a lower priority. There are TONS of apps that don’t work in landscape mode. Instagram is one of them.