AWS IoT Maintenance - 8/7/20

Thank you Gwendolyn I’m not sure about everybody else but everything’s working fine for me now thank you for all your help I appreciate the update have a great weekend


V2’s & pancam working as normal. However outdoor cam feeds live video but no motion detection notifications or event recordings??

Enough with that bs

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Try re-syncing cam to base. Worked for me.

I cannot access any events outside of the last two hours on any given day. Anyone else?

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@Glennvalentine By my experience, I usually have to pull up on the screen and hold it until more event clips load. It just takes awhile for them to load. But the videos will eventually appear for viewing. :slightly_smiling_face:

What does someone do when support doesn’t answer?

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So do you have anything on why outdoor cam motion detection is not working? Can only view outdoor cam live.
Their is a forum on this and I have a support ticket #712417. Any info would be appreciated or I will be sending it back. Worthless without motion detection!

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