AWS IoT Maintenance - 8/5/20

As you well know you can buy tires of varying quality and size… The same goes with support packages from AWS. It is rumored that Wyze negotiated for a lower financial commitment when they bought into the Amazon server program

a year later and its the same shennanigans… wyze does rando maintenance, fails to notify anyone, assuming everyones cool with sensors bricking until you do a hard reset on the bridge.

in 2020 they even screwed over the wyze locks…which need to be rock solid otherwise no one is going to use them.

$110 for the lock, only to be locked out due to AWS maintenance… are you kidding me wyze?

What’s worse is that my motion detectors control my lights, and it was like the twilight zone for almost an hour before I looked into the issue. When everything works it’s great, but when it breaks, it’s really crappy! . .