AWS IoT Maintenance - 8/5/20

So is this still going on? When will it be up?

I would watch the thread I linked to above for any updates

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It’s still down ?

Wow . This is extremely disturbing that the service is down / delayed AGAIN .
I can’t believe that this is something your cloud provider is doing “Maintenance” . If “maintenance” is going to be an ongoing process 2 times in one month and causes downtime and delays Wyze had better have a redundant/ backup service running they they can use during this “maintenance” .
Wyze this is getting old . We cannot trust your services anymore . I certainly wouldn’t pay a monthly charge for this poor service.
Another reason to move on . You services are now deteriorating along with your product bugs and issues . I give up …

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So true, really doing maintenance during prime time not after hours. What IT firm does that? No good ones. I tried to be patience, but so ready to move on. I have 8 bulbs and two motion sensors and four door sensors and five camera to sell. Time to move on.

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The servers are AWS (Amazon Web Services)

The problems that Wyze seems to have with connectivity are directly related to the servers that I believe are Amazon hosted. I know the sensors are as was evidenced by the last outage we had

It’s really fun getting up in the middle of the night turning off all the Wyze bulbs. This is getting old. I think I liked my dumb bulbs better.

My company used AWS for the last five years. It has never ever been down without prior notice. And when it did go down the backup servers stepped in. It seems something is array here.


When will it be up ?

When will it be up and running?

Sorry to say, I don’t believe the even know.

When will it be up?

They will update the linked thread when they know

When it will be resolved? It’s been more than 4hrs it’s still down .

I presume the word you wanted was not array

Lol. …

Jeepers …not again.
Need to turn off all associated Alexa routines before she drives me nuts again. Lol
Always come here to check first before taking things to bits…

Any resolution time ?

Last time it was 2 AM in the morning before it was fixed so I’m guessing it will be a few more hours.