Auto switch OFF but on or just false notifications?

I have 2 thermostats: one is 1.1.9 beta, the other is 1.1.8. My app is beta 2.24.16.

I have Auto Switch off, but I keep getting notifications.

Has anyone seen this? Reported this?

I submitted my logs 286307 but no response yet.


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I thought this happened to me the other day. I will have to pay closer attention to be sure.


There has been a few issues with the UI being correct in the app on both Android and iOS. I don’t have the thermostat yet, waiting on the remote sensors, but have you tried setting it on backing out and closing the app. Then going back in and turning it off.

I am fortunate in that I have iOS and Android which I could test with. This is where I saw the discrepancy.

I’ve just tried that… set it to On. Closed the app. Opened the app, set it to Off. Once I leave the house I will know if it helped.

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Just to let you know, they just released a new Production app 2.24.23 and now there is no Beta for a period of time. If what you did doesn’t work, it may be corrected in the current production released app.

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