Attempt to takeover my outdoor base station

I received an email from Wyze with this as the subject.
Blocked attempt: Someone tried to set up your Wyze base station. It stated someone besides me had tried to take ownership of my outdoor Wyze base station.
How could someone connect to it and take ownership of the base if it is in my home?

Reportedly there is a gigantic open security flaw they are addressing in a future firmware update… The initial temporary SSID stays active and open.

Maybe that e-mail message is their due diligence in the meantime. (Or maybe it’s phishing.)

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I’ve got 3 of these emails within the last 10 days, unfortunately the rep who replied to my tickets provided well crafted canned response which was crafted by a legal team.

Basically I got no answers for this issue, they don’t offer solution and as it seems I will wait for few more people to start a class action lawsuit if they won’t resolve this issue

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Within a week of setting up my outdoor camera I received the same notices. I disconnected it immediately. I’ve read other posts saying they had experienced same issue. Now have an expensive paper weight.

We should have one thread for this issue in order to make sure it’s resolved as a collective.