Aspect Ratio

Is there any plan to have proper 16×9 aspect ratio in landscape mode on non-16×9 devices (such as iPhone XS and iPads). Ideally, it would take over the whole screen when zooming in while maintaining 16×9 aspect ratio.

Came here to request proper 16x9 aspect ratio while viewing in landscape mode. Searched first and found this thread.

While viewing video stream on iPad in landscape mode, the picture is distorted due to the app fitting the video onto the non-16x9 iPad screen.

The aspect ratio on an iPad is much better now. Looks like it’s true 16x9. However, the aspect ratio on the iPhone XS is still a bit off. It looks like it was updated, but it’s still not quite 16x9. (See screenshots)

If only we had 16x9 full screen resolution on our iPads while viewing the app’s menus and other screen options too … i.e. true landscape mode throughout the app. On the Wish List for over two years now. Ah well …

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