Are the Events accurate for anyone here?

Are you getting recordings that just aren’t tagged correctly, or recordings that miss the motion?
The AI tags anything in the detection zone, even if it’s not actually moving. Is that the issue your having?

Yes all of the above I would say.

When I click on Events on the Home screen then next screen select the camera which I want to see past activity for the last 24 hours I see a lot of entries listed but most and sometimes all not with any motion and this is the same when I select either person or motion on top left.

If someone leaves the house and even next 5 minutes after I should check the Events sometimes I see it and sometimes I don’t so that’s inconsistent.


Cams have to be “tuned” just like a Ferrari or a Piano.

Each cam has to be tuned individually because it’s field of view and lighting conditions are unique to any other.

Because Wyze Cams operate on a Light Pixelation Motion Detection Algorithm, the variations in the natural lighting conditions of field of view are very important considerations. Like in Real Estate: Location, Location, Location!

One of the most crucial considerations is cam placement. The accuracy of the cam is reduced when you increase its height, distance, and angle. Getting as close to “optimal”: eye height, crossing movement pattern, is the best but not always practical.

Once position is sorted, adjustments to the cam sensitivity and detection zone are critical to accurate activations.

I once moved a cam 5 times before I found the sweet spot. I am constantly adjusting settings on my cams based on the changing seasons.

In the Events List, Videos that aren’t tagged with any AI (motion only): you may not see any motion but that is not what you should look for. Many of those videos are triggered by lighting changes in the frame that are perceived by the cam as motion.

I don’t want to see any of those so I have them set in the Master Filters settings to not show (funnel button).

The AI is being updated constantly based on user feedback. Be sure to submit events that are tagged incorrectly.

I appreciate the advice and info but where I have positioned the cams they cannot be positioned anywhere else, I had put some serious thought into this before doing so.

I think I bought the wrong things to begin with. What I need is a security system which does 24/7 recording so I can go back and simply keep fast-forwarding like on a VCR to see any and all movements but I understand that is expensive so I went the cheaper route with these cams as I had no choice financially.

So I guess I have no choice but to wait until I can afford a better system which will do as I need.

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Hey just a thought guys, Would it be possible to save whatever wyze records unto an SD card, transfer that video to a pc then use maybe some sort of software to fast forward and rewind as needed?

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That is not only possible, there are many users doing exactly that.

Record continuous to SD on the cam @ HD quality = about 3.5 Days for a 32GB card. SD video quality will double that. I am getting 28 days HD Continuous on a 256 GB HE SD Card.

EDIT: Note - V3 must have FW 4.36.10.xx or newer to utilize full capacity of SD Cards over 128GB

I don’t use a video compiler \ editor, but you will need one with a good video scrubber that can read and stitch together the 1 minute mp4 files saved to the Record folder.

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If you just need to watch the recording at 1x speed on your phone, then can skip forward or backward 30seconss you can do that in the Wyze app. No fast forward, you will need a program like SlabSlayer said, but if what the Wyze app offers will work for you it’s very convenient.

Also, you can jump to a specific time on the sd card from a cloud event

Thanks! I want to have my cams setup so if there should ever be any issue here say during the night or within the past 24 hours on any given day, I want to be able to go back 24 hours and fast forward through so see any and all movements, that is all. I have one 64gb and one 128gb sd cards here.

I am seeing this software to be the best, is it or can you refer me to a better one for my purpose please?

Also, what would be the process in such a case, I would need to physically remove the sd card from my cam and put it into a pc for the desktop software to scan it?

Thanks but no I don’t want to do this on my phone, only on my desktop pc.

If you are set on doing all this on a computer, I am not going to be much help. I only use my mobile device for my Wyze ecosystem.

There are users who are using an Emulator on their computer, like BlueStacks, to emulate a phone OS and using the Wyze app on that, but I have no clue if there is one for iOS or how it interacts.

One thing that jumped out about the software you posted was the mention of RTSP. That requires the cam to have special RTSP firmware installed on it to function. Wyze did have this in the past, but currently does not support RTSP firmware.

The only way to IP stream to a third party app or program would be if it supports streaming with the native cam firmware (or old unsupported RTSP firmware if you can even find it). The only App I know of that currently does that with native firmware is TinyCam, which I use on Android. But, with no experience, I can’t tell you if it works in an emulator or on iOS. I know it does have a DVR function to record video, but I don’t use it.

There are only two ways to access the SD card video. Thru the Wyze App and by pulling the card and reading it using an SD card reader.

If you can get TinyCam to run in an emulator and DVR record to the computer hard drive, you would be in business. With that emulator, you would also be able to use the Wyze App and view event Videos and SD Card footage without pulling the card.

But, just a warning, constant streaming and recording it requires rock solid WiFi connectivity… Both signal strength and bandwidth reliability.

You can do some searches in the forum to find users posting about and using emulators, BlueStacks, RTSP, TinyCam, etc. It will take some research, but you should be able to message those users for advice.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, will do and report back whenever done. I guess I can try the phone scanning first to see if it can work for me, Can you either give me the steps for this or link me to instructions somewhere please?

The following are the settings for SD Recording:

  1. Put your SD into the cam.
  2. Open app, open cam, press settings :gear:
  3. Press Advanced Settings
  4. At the top, Toggle On Record to SD
  5. Choose Continuous
  6. Click Manage microSD Card
  7. Click Format

The cam will record so long as it is on.

The following are the settings for Cloud Event Recording and Notifications:

  1. Open the cam again.
  2. Click the Settings :gear:
  3. Choose Event Recording to set the types of events you want recorded to the cloud.
  4. Choose Notifications to set the types of events recorded that will notify you.

You will get event notifications of uploaded cloud event videos. Those are videos shown in the Events tab.

When viewing an event tab cloud video, press the Playback icon (SD Card) to go directly to the SD footage for the exact same time.

When viewing the cam in Live Stream, click the Playback bar at the bottom to go to the SD Card video.

You can pinch and expand the time scale to suit your needs, fwd and rev 30s at a time, drag the bar with your finger, take a snapshot pic, record a clip, etc.


Thanks a million for these detailed instructions, I did so last night but must say I am confused about a couple of things so please help me clarify. Since viewing the Events is not what I am seeking due to it’s unreliability and let’s say I go out to my yard this morning and notice something is missing so I have no idea when during the course of the night someone had walked in a took off with something.

Now I would like to go fast forward through the entire recording from 7pm last night to now 6am, is this possible? What I am understanding from what’s written above, this method still does not allow me to fast forward through the video or I am misunderstanding part of your instructions please? Thx.

No. There is no way to fast forward play (2x, 3x, 8x etc.) the footage from the SD Card in the app. The only option is to jump 30s at a time or drag the timeline to jump.

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Great, thanks for clarifying, so last issue would be what I have described, to get that if I went the desktop software [Emulator] route, any link to a specific forum for this part where I can inquire please?

I don’t do that so I don’t follow any of those topics. I would suggest using the forum search tool and searching specific phrases for posts and topics.

I did a search and found this below, can I trouble you to see if on your end you are seeing the ff option as pictured please?

Cam Plus provides 1x, 2x, 4x speeds for viewing motion-triggered cloud events for all cams types (not sure about doorbells as I don’t own one):

Cloud Event

There is no fast forward or speed options for playing back SD card footage. Only 30 second backward and forward skip/jump. This 30s skip/jump feature is available for all cams with Cam Plus and Cam Plus Lite except Cam v3 Pro and doorbells (no SD card slot). This skip/jump feature is not a fast forward, it is simply a skip 30s in either direction… one skip per button push:

Corresponding SD card footage

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@Seapup covered it well. The post you linked refers to the 2x, 4x feature ONLY available for Event Videos uploaded to the cloud and played in the Event Tab Window for videos uploaded with a subscription (including the doorbells). Without a subscription, the Events Tab will only upload thumbnail snapshots.

The -30 \ +30 options, along with manually dragging the timeline, are the only functions to navigate the timeline in SD Playback.

The addition of Fast Forward \ Rewind play speeds into the SD Playback UI is a feature request that is already on the #wishlist with considerable favorable support. Follow the link, vote for it at the top, drop some like :heart: hearts on posts that you support, and add your post in reply at the bottom.

The Security Camera functionality of the cams is designed to use CamPlus Smart AI Event Videos to initiate Push Notification Alerts to your device. These link directly to that Event Video which will launch the app and play in the Events Tab player. Those cloud videos (and thumbnail snapshots if there is no subscription) are linked to the exact spot on the SD Timeline they occured and a press of the SD Playback Icon Button will launch the SD Playback player qued to the time the event was recorded and uploaded.

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Right so wyze is all about Events and depends on it which is not what I need.