App snapshot - PNG now JPG?

I take snapshots of the cameras from time to time. They used to be PNG files, 1920x1080

Lately, for a couple of weeks, they are JPGs and I get:

1080 x 607
2073 x 1080

Nothing has changed on my side, using the same version of app for pretty much 6 months.

Just updated the app and took as snapshot, it’s 1920 x 1080 JPG

Has this changed from PNG or is there an issue on my side?


Interesting. I don’t update the app. I just tried a photo and it’s a 1920x1080 PNG, just as it was in June. Your symptoms are curious.

Yes, it’s a bit strange, are you on Android or iPhone. I am on Android, although I don’t believe this could cause the issue…

Ok so if I have my phone in portrait mode the snapshot is saved as 1080x607 bit if I turn it to landscape mode and snap a shot of the stream, it’s 2073x1080

What is happening here???

I have both but only tested on Android app 2.8.24.

To be clear you’re clicking the Take Photo icon in the live view, right? Not using native Android screen capture?

What type of Wyze cam are you doing a snapshot on?

How and from where are you getting the filetype info?

Under Android, the following filetypes are created when doing a snapshot:
v2: .jpg
v3 .jpg
WCO .png

If you’re looking at the image file that is directory-collocated with an .mp4 video grab, the associated image file (used for thumbnail, etc.) for all cam types is .png.

Not for me. The files in Wyze/Camera/Image/Snapshot are PNGs. Taken during live view, not playback. Camera is V2.

Wow, you’re running an old app version. Regardless, what version of Android are you running? I’m looking at 8, 9, 10 and snapshots for v2 are in: Phone > Wyze > document > cpan_xxxxxxxxxx > Image > Snapshot

I took my snapshots in Liveview also.

Files are in Wyze/document/cpan_f199400c42a8662d/Image/Snapshot

And they are all JPG files

I have taken snapshots during live view (using photo icon) from 3 cameras to test, v2(v1), v2(v2), v1

V1/v2 for the different versions of v2 cams. Running Android 10

I see the same thing on Android 6, 8, 9, 10 on Samsung, HTC and Motorola phones and tabs. It may have changed… I haven’t been paying much attention to the snapshot filetypes.

I just checked, my snapshots are in jpegs. I remember they were pngs before.

Wyze just changes things without announcements, that’s why I never believed they have a serious software testing process in place.

Either a programmer deemed it appropriate to change file formats on his own, or frequent staff turnover results in unintended changes.

Or maybe they rely on 3rd party package integration for common functions instead of developing home-grown code to do the same. If so, it shouldn’t require much to specify PNG as the output. Either format works for me.

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@StopICU33 can we please have some info on this from Wyze team?

<On a side note, but relevant, a while back I questioned the use the PNG files and asked can’t the snapshots be saved in JPG format? I take a snapshot or two daily from the camera, and if I want to date it, on a JPG file I can pull the info from EXIF data and batch rename.
What I see though now that I checked the JPG files, is that the JPG files saved do NOT have this info in EXIF “date taken”…

With PNG (although it seems to support EXIF data from what I read) the files do not have this but rather use EPOCH time naming convention (who does this?) - well the JPG files still use this naming convention - which is a pain, but I finally managed to convert to the file name I wanted and batch rename with EXIFTOOL.

BTW I’m batch renaming to

I would agree that Wyze does not have serious software testing in place, some things may be done haphazard and yes, likely common functions are implemented but with very a poor testing process. This is a perfect example, but also the RTSP implementation, both which I find sloppy.

I would like to know why the resolution is 1080 x 607 if my phone is in portrait mode, and 2073 x 1080 when in landscape mode. I have a Pixel 3a, if that makes a difference and find this inconsistency a very very poorly thought decision on Wyze dev team part.

I’m on Android 9 and will probably be at 10 some time soon.

I always try to remember how little we paid for these things. The fact that we can easily grab snapshots is enough and I don’t particularly care about the file format. I suppose you’re right that it’s dependent on an underlying OS function.

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The best way to get info from Wyze on this is to contact Customer Support (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

Thanks @Loki, I thought you were able to go back and ask Wyze directly on stuff like this to post here. Surely others would be interested in this change, but maybe not since noone else brought it up.

Do you know where the release notes for the app versions are? I would like to check through there, usually they are in a central location where one could check, but not always.


Is the app hardware encoder playing a part of this? Is it enabled or disabled? My testing in the culver’s drive thru is limited right now, I’ll try later. I know the hardware encoder plays with picture resolution but I don’t know about format.

Edit, looking back in my Snapshot gallery I do have a mix of. PNG and. JPG photos. I’ll have to look into it more to see what the differences between the cameras that took the photos.

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@Omgitstony could you please check the resolution of your snapshots?

The resolution should be nothing outside of 1920x1080, certainly not 2073x1080 …what is THAT?
If the stream is in HD, all snapshots should be 1080p, regardless of hardware encoding.

Your portrait mode result is strange too. I just verified that my portrait and landscape results are identical, 1920 x 1080 PNGs.

They are all 1920/1080. In testing, my v3 s and V2s take pics in jpg, but a WCO takes snaps in .png. just replicated.