APKPure Compromised

Warning. I and others have recommended APKPure as a legitimate site from which to download Android APK installations for apps like Wyze. I didn’t know they also have their own app but it was infected with malware.

This was fixed but I’d stay away from the site until they make a statement addressing this and how they intend to secure their library.

This stinks, because they often carry apps that APKMirror (my most trusted site) does not.


I have used blackmart alpha in the past as one of my go to’s

it also has an app if you need that type of thing.


Thanks! Never heard of them. But it looks as if they also carry “premium” (supposed to be paid for) packages. :frowning:

I really wish publishers would take the extra minute to post the APK on their own site after they update their app in the Play Store.

Hello, @Customer

Thank you for the heads-up… although it was almost too late to save me (more to that story in a bit).

I use their app, but this incident won’t stop me from continuing to use the app or website. As your TechCrunch article stated, there have been malicious apps on Google Play.

I had a similar article bookmarked in case you’re interested to read it (screen shot snippets below):

This type of occurrence is a good example as to why I use MalwareBytes Premium on our Android devices (cannot use it on our laptops with Linux operating systems).

The Malwarebytes Premium Android App prevented the malicious APKPure App v3.17.18 from delivering the malevolent payload that was intended to cause unnecessary mayhem. After it was removed, I went back to v3.17.17, but now I’m using their newest release v3.17.19 without any venomous issues.

FYI (more iPhone/iPad info):

I’ve trusted Malwarebytes since 2009 when I was still using a PC with Windows, but since that time I only use it to protect our Android phones/tablets.

And before you ask… no, I’m not a sales rep for Malwarebytes. I’m merely an avid user sharing my experience with using their Premium services.

DISCLAIMER: It’s just a suggestion to use Malwarebytes Premium to help protect your Android device(s). It can help guard against unforeseen vindictive attacks, regardless of where you choose to download your apps (eg: APKPure, APKMirror, Google Play, APK4Fun, etc).

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Okay, good. The only store app I use is F-Droid and it doesn’t require an account.

For questionable downloads I usually check Windows applications against the multi-engine scanning sites at virusscan.jotti.org and virustotal.com but last time I checked they didn’t cover APKs. :frowning:

Anyway my original point stands - I’d want to see APKPure taking a lot more responsibility and action before I’d trust downloading from them again. (Why is there no statement on their site? How did this happen to their own app? What will they do to certify and protect the APKs in their library? Etcetera.)

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I use VirusTotal as well @Customer… you can upload an APK file to their website (screen shot below).

All valid points… you should ask them.

Thanks for your warning.

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