Anyone else that can't stand "limited edition" colors?

Like…why? They could make more money if they just always made the LE colors, and NOT piss people off when they miss buying them. :rage:


Use permanent markers?

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There are several companies that make wraps for the cameras.

As for Wyze offering different colors, it likely does not make financial sense. So instead of making the cameras in lots of colors, they make one batch of some color as a test to see if there is much demand for it. If there is, then maybe bring them back, if not, never again.

I actually prefer all my v3 cameras to be white. Blends in with my window frames. There are skins and wrap you can buy that are very cool.

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Plastidip or vinyl and make your own colors? :slight_smile:

The great Gwen did comment about this a while ago.


LE power cord. LE brick. LE twist ties and big rubber band. Too much magic marking for my taste. :slight_smile:

Good! but too much work.