Any update on a black rug workaround?

I’ve tried a few different colors of tape to try working around this issue, but I really want to be able to do all of my rigs in my home.
Any progress on fixing it?

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what type of black rug do you have…being of the scientific mind I might try to find some off the cuff solutions. could you post a pic of said rug?

Bam there are several threads of people complaining about this issue (with examples). Black/dark patterns keep kicking off the “cliff sensors” and driving the robot crazy.

yeah. I haven’t seen a picture of the type of run this is happening on ( can you point me in the right direction? I may have overlooked some. I have only found one example and it wasnt black. ), I was going to try and set up a few controlled variables and see if I can figure out a work around. the height of the rug, the length of shag, shade, etc :slight_smile: maybe something I can use to an advantage

there might be some common denominator. I have a few ideas in mind that might be enough to get it to play nice. it will be fun to play with it a bit

@hyperblast posted a photo at

And someone has a video at

There’s another somewhere with a swirly pattern.

Pasted the image, hoping it worked. This is the rug that I have.

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