An update regarding Person Detection

I am also staying with the old firmware until a new person detection is made available. Getting dozens of alerts daily for snowflakes, bugs, leaves, shadows, etc would not be a good solution for me.


Me too!
Staying on two firmware versions back as all 12 cameras are outdoors in enclosures and I need to use a ladder to get to all of them. I learn my lesson the hard way about firmware upgrades taking more than 5 hours of labor to remove, debug and reinstall. I’m ashamed to share how many times I got up on that ladder because of updates.

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I’m back to getting movement notification “noise”, such as notifications that tree branch shadows moved across my living room fIoor. I miss Person Detection. :neutral_face:


I’m not an attorney, but It seems rather strange for any attorney to OK a lease agreement that is no stronger than a month to month for a feature that is one of those “bet your company on” decisions. I assume Wyze has changed to new attorneys. Too bad Wyze wasn’t wise enough to have a second source for this feature, maybe not quite as good, but still a second source. Wyze has a strong following who will hang in there for the solution but it’s really got to be hurting Wyze for new customer acquisitions, especially with the security breech, too.


You would think so, but the American consumer is apparently not really concerned with leaks, breeches, and security issues. Look at Ring and others that have been in the news and suffered one or more such issues. Each time someone predicts “they are going to lose customers over this” and each time they don’t.

Thank you for the update on this, I just noticed this morning Amazon dropped off a package and i didn’t get the people notify. I had done the firmware update but didn’t read the details this time so I wasn’t aware it had been removed. After the Amazon person I left I brought up my settings to find out why I got no notice and I realized this feature had been removed. My guess as to what happened was spot on. I figured something had gone wwrong with Wyze and the AI company…thanks for keeping your customers first!

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I don’t think an attitude that the customer is just a consumer will not serve a company well. And to say we’re no worse than the rest will also not cut it.

That was confusing. :slight_smile:


I attempted to scrub your engrish by running it thru English-French translation and then back again to English. This is what was spit out:

“I don’t think an attitude that the customer is just a consumer will not serve a business well. And to say that we are not worse than the others will not be enough either.”

I stand happy to help if I can understand what are your requirements. :blush:
Sorry to say I cannot comprehend what you meant in the beginning.

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So is there any update on WHEN the person detection will be back on? I had no clue about this being removed and purchased a WYZE camera and was so excited but I live on a busy street so I get too many notifications without person detection.

WHEN the person detection will be back on?

Welcome to the community! @Hes9023 It’s coming in the near future. See post from Gwendolyn below: :slightly_smiling_face:


I am honestly not sure what you are saying? My point may have been poorly worded as well.

Essentially I am saying that based on past performance and observation the American consumer/customer rarely stops using a product or service based on even a string of security or privacy issues.

Prime examples would be Google with a whopping number of privacy issues, and Ring and Apple etc. Any tech vendor or even just vendor you can name has had numerous breeches, privacy and security issues. Apple and Google and Amazon are doing just fine in spite of a number of breeches and issues.

I make no judgement simply an observation of past behavior.

I don’t know how to help Wyze if they don’t ask. When a company I’m doing business with has problems, I expect to here from the company on how they are fixing the problem so I don’t vfnd another vendor. I may sound kind of screwy in my posts, but I am very confused about the situation and when Wyze doesn’t respond I’m left to assume that they don’t have a solution. Should I have posted this to a different forum? Does Wyze have a place, other than this forum, where I can post my concerns?

This is a Wyze user forum. It’s not necessarily a Wyze support forum. Wyze employees respond to some questions but if you’re looking for support contact Wyze by email.
People on the forum will help you but you have to ask.
I’m not sure what your question is.


If I understand you correctly your main thrust is that you feel Wyze should have had a second source for person detection and/or a better agreement to use the one source they had?

If so I would tend to agree. But the old saying wish in one hand and, er, well I am sure you get my drift. Whatever the rationale was it brought us here. And Wyze is now working on a replacement that they control. Better late than never right?

I have not be updating my camera due to losing person detection, which in all honesty wasn’t working that great in the first place. I am reasking a question that I didn’t see the answer to. Should I be updating and if I do will I lose stuff, or will I gain. If I gain, what features will I be gaining?

You can read the release notes for each firmware version here:


I just purchased a Wyze Pan camera and now I am having second thoughts about keeping because this was one of the features I was most excited about. I just got the cam set up tonight and I was trying to figure out how the detection worked when I came across this posting. I am really disappointed about this news but I am happy to hear something is being developed in house. Now I am in the position of trying to decide if I will be keeping or returning the camera. This is just a message to let Wyze know that customers are still buying these cameras thinking this feature is still available. It is still being listed as being available and it on the side of the box. If it’s not then that is false advertising.


Welcome to the community, @bravohotel. I understand your frustration. Most likely at the time the box was printed for your camera, the person detection feature was still available. Unfortunately, Xnor pulled out of their contract with Wyze. Xnor was subsequently purchased by Apple. Wyze has stated they are testing their own solution, but has not given a release date.

Sometimes in both life and business things happen that at first sight are devastating but in a broader sense we find out it has purpose, a brighter purpose. Don’t let the actions of others determine your future. It is how we recovery from unfavorable actions that will define our will and new purpose to go forth.
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