Not recording people, but does record cars driving by even at a distance

Ok got my wyze cam set up in my front window, overlooking our parking lot and aimed so that people in the parking lot, and those entering and leaving the building get recorded.

Have the settings set to record “detects motion” on. Detects sound, off as this is inside the building looking thru the glass. Detection settings are: Sensitivity, HIGHEST, Detection zone, entire picture.

Now, when I use my Galaxy S9, at first screen shows a menu at the bottom that says home, events, discover, shop, account. the events there, only last a few seconds, and not until the movement has stopped.

Now if i click on my camera, it connect,s then there is a option to view playback. Then I get a menu with “View live stream” at the bottom and below the picture from the cam are little time marks, some of which are in green. It takes a few moments for these to show up on the app.

Now either set of “events” recorded… its capturing the movement of the vehicles. But NOT the people.
Is there a setting I need to set, or change, to get it to capture the people movement? Or do I just need to set it to continuous record?

The purpose of having this cam set up is to find out who is getting into peoples cars in the parking lot, so I need to capture people movement and not vehicular movement.


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Have you upgraded to the latest firmware? Person detection was removed from there, but if you have your sensitivity all the way up you should be getting almost anything that moved. Person detection was designed to filter out everything but people anyhow.
You didn’t say if this is day or night. At night car lights will trip it but people might not. Try turning on motion tagging to see what is causing your event recording.
Also, and probably most significant, if that there is a 5 minute ‘cool down’ period between event recording. So if someone pulls in, parks and goes inside they trigger an event. If someone else approached the car within the cool down period it won’t trigger another event. It will continue to record to your SD card and you can review the playback as you already know.
The optional Complete Motion Capture might be something for you to look at.
Keep us posted!

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Just to clarify as I’m sure @tomp knows but you might misconstrue, SD card recording isn’t subject to the 5-minute cool down restriction. SD card should record every clip with motion, even moving shadows.


@qlang243 is absolutely correct- sorry I didn’t clarify that (I hate the Apple keyboard and get tired of typing!). Given a good quality card and no network or power problems you should have no gaps in your SD card continuous recording. The event recordings I use as markers or flags to point to times I might need to look at on the card recording.

Good day
Do you know if they will be putting person detection back on?

Wyze is developing their own Person Detection and will be releasing it soon, but no firm timetable is available.
Check this out:
Person Detection


We’re starting the external testing soon but the release date will depend on the results of this. :slight_smile:

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Good to know - thanks!

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You’re welcome! :smiley: