An update regarding Person Detection

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I’m not sure what your question is.


If I understand you correctly your main thrust is that you feel Wyze should have had a second source for person detection and/or a better agreement to use the one source they had?

If so I would tend to agree. But the old saying wish in one hand and, er, well I am sure you get my drift. Whatever the rationale was it brought us here. And Wyze is now working on a replacement that they control. Better late than never right?

I have not be updating my camera due to losing person detection, which in all honesty wasn’t working that great in the first place. I am reasking a question that I didn’t see the answer to. Should I be updating and if I do will I lose stuff, or will I gain. If I gain, what features will I be gaining?

You can read the release notes for each firmware version here:


I just purchased a Wyze Pan camera and now I am having second thoughts about keeping because this was one of the features I was most excited about. I just got the cam set up tonight and I was trying to figure out how the detection worked when I came across this posting. I am really disappointed about this news but I am happy to hear something is being developed in house. Now I am in the position of trying to decide if I will be keeping or returning the camera. This is just a message to let Wyze know that customers are still buying these cameras thinking this feature is still available. It is still being listed as being available and it on the side of the box. If it’s not then that is false advertising.


Welcome to the community, @bravohotel. I understand your frustration. Most likely at the time the box was printed for your camera, the person detection feature was still available. Unfortunately, Xnor pulled out of their contract with Wyze. Xnor was subsequently purchased by Apple. Wyze has stated they are testing their own solution, but has not given a release date.

Sometimes in both life and business things happen that at first sight are devastating but in a broader sense we find out it has purpose, a brighter purpose. Don’t let the actions of others determine your future. It is how we recovery from unfavorable actions that will define our will and new purpose to go forth.
Keep focused and ye shall succeed.

Not sure if someone already posted this, but if you currently have the person detection firmware and want to keep it, you need to bring up Live view in every one of your apps (on all the android and idevices you installed the app). You will see a pop up asking to install new firmware. Make sure you check the box don’t ask me again and click cancel. That way, you or your spouse or your kids will not accidentally update the firmware!

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So the motion sense on my wyze cam black is working just fine, does the motion currently not work for the wyze cam pan??? I just bought 4!!!

Wyze should have pulled its unsold inventory and repackaged it once the loss of their AI partner was known.

Leaving this old inventory in the marketplace could trigger a class-action lawsuit by those who bought mislabeled devices and/or existing customers who bought additional cameras due to the person detection functionality.

A good example of this is the class action lawsuit against Best Buy and LG for selling mislabeled TV which which were advertised 120Hz refresh rate, but had a 60Hz refresh rate.

The Best Buy analogy is not similar in this case. That was a hardware specification that Best Buy mis-advertised. Wyze had to temporarily remove the person detection feature because they lost their AI partner. That was unfortunate and unplanned. Wyze IS going to roll out their own AI solution, and that was stated in the original post at the beginning of this thread. That same posting was sent in an email to existing Wyze camera customers on 11/26/2019. Their existing inventory may be currently “mis-labeled”, but that is being remedied with their home-grown solution. The only thing we don’t know is exactly when that is going to happen.


Person detection isn’t essential for us…mostly it just supplies entertainment when our cat is detected as a person, and we are not. It is sometimes right, too - not saying the cat is a person and saying we are.

My suggestion: In your own AI version, add something where the user can enter the distance range being seen by the camera. Our camera is just looking at the cat door on a small back porch, to see if our cat has left, or wants to come in, nothing more than 3’ away and aimed at cat/foot level. Others are looking out on streetscapes, yards, or parking lots up to 100’ away or more. Surely it would help the AI to know what scale to expect. (More complicated for pan cameras; ours is fixed.)

Gotta go - kitty wants in!


I do love this idea! Please give your kitty some love for me. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I think it would really improve the detection, and would make your software potentially better than the one you just lost!

Kitty loves the way we let him in faster, though of course he doesn’t understand why. We’ll give him an extra head rub for you.

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I’ve had something similar going for awhile now. Not sure if its exactly what you’ve experienced, but keeping my cam pans at backlevel firmware has been my solution thus far.

Stuff can literally happen right in front of my cam pans at later firmwares, yet all they capture are smart alerts for the most part. The lone cam v2 I’ve deployed seems to capture its own motion events as expected.

Which firmware do you have them on? I’ve tried downgrading the firmare and the still don’t detect motion or tag the motion or anything, all they do is detect sound !! I’m about to just return them if I can’t get them to sense any motion at all :frowning:

Messaged you directly since this topic might deviate from the thread somewhat.


Any update on person detection?

We are about to start early stage external testing for it and are making progress. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update! That’s great news!!!