Amazon Echo Show device slow to retrieve live camera feed

Can anybody who uses an Amazon Echo Show tell me how long it takes from when the command is spoken till the camera feed comes up. I am in a relatively small house with gateway, cameras and Echo Show all on the same floor and within 30 feet of the gateway. Cameras work perfectly and have for months. Alexa Show is new today. Have linked 4 cameras. Three camera feeds appear in time, one has not ever come up. I have waited approx 30-40 seconds for the slow cams to show. Some within 10 seconds. It’s always different. Wondering what factors are required in order to speed up the linking and displaying process. Thanks.

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Just came from the Echo Show/WYZE smart home skills review page. Apparently this is the spot where people rate their interaction between their Amazon device and the camera’s. Looks like my problems have only just begun. Technology as advertised is obviously far less capable than actual reality.