Am I missing something ? (wyze bulb)

We’ve been told that this has been fixed. Please let us know if that’s not true for you.

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It’s working now.
I do have a question though. This light bulb is inside the garage and there are two doors leading into the garage. If there are sensors for each door can both be set up to trigger on and off shortcut?


Working now, at least the countdown time for turning off the light after closing a sensor.

Gonna test motion alerts as well

Seems to be working again. Thanks!

I don’t see why not, but let us know if you get to test it out.

Yup. It works fine. Two door sensors turning lights on when open and off when closed for a length of time.

Now the only issue with Wyze products is the motion sensor does not have enough range to be connected with camera bridge when placed in another part of the house. The door sensors and motion sensors have to be in close proximity to camera bridge to work. So having one camera bridge will not work to cover the whole house unless you have a studio. They should provide the bridge free of charge with each camera.

Or at least sell it separately?

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I thought it was already available separately. It is listed in the app at 5.99 each.

That is 5.99 each for the Motion Sensor

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I don’t see it listed on my app, Android. Only bundled with Wyzesense kit.