Allow the creation and saving of multiple Device Setting Profiles

I’ve been using my new Sense Hub for about a month now. The devices consist of: 3 pack of Leak & Environmental Sensors, a couple door sensors, etc. I’m just getting started and plan to add cameras and setup the home monitoring in the near future. I just had my internet go offline and lost the config for all my devices since that seems to be the only way to reconnect it according to this support article:
It would make sense to me if the app included a backup/restore feature so that if I have to replace or reconfigure my entire home I would be able to choose either from a cloud (automatic would be nice) or local backup manually via a web gui.

Wyze Sense Hub - ability to BACKUP & RESTORE devices associated with Hub

Please provide a means on the Wyze Sense Hub to BACKUP & RESTORE devices associated with Hub.

I only have 11 devices on one of my hubs, but every time the Hub looses it’s ability to function normally, and I have to delete the sense hub, then add it back in, I have to walk around the house adding devices back to the Hub, slightly annoying…

Perhaps an auto backup of my settings to the cloud and/or a manual backup to my PC/Mac/NAS ?


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Detection Zone Profiles and Rules

Hello Wyze Devs!

I would like to have the ability to have Detection Zone Profiles for each camera along with Rules to enable/disable those profiles.

I have a camera at my in-laws we use to monitor her home, however we don’t always need to know what is happening on the street at every moment. I only want to know when my childs bus shows up, so I would enable a specific profile with the street unblocked during the expected window of when the bus should arrive.

I don’t wish to turn all notifications off.

A way to set a day and night profile,

So example for my v3 pro in the front of a busy road, I can set sensitivity and detect zone different during the day or night?

One way works really well during the day for me and other settings work well at night. As night time has lots of flashing car lights so some times with all the events the cam misses miss a person at the door.

I know I can switch the the new smart detect and limit the events,
but I like to see the animal events that pop up. :joy:

Ty that is all. I hope I’ve explained things okay as it’s my first post here.

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Very useful function! Coupled with the capability of flexible scheduling and rules integrations, multi-profile settings would also make it easy to dial back cams in nasty weather and then tune them back in easily afterwards. Great suggestion!


Save or Export Device Settings

I would like to save or export camera settings. This would allow easier recreation of a lost camera, comparison between cameras and also track changes over time on the same camera. I mostly use cameras but the same feature would be nice on other devices. I assume each device type /firmware combination would produce a unique map. So a V2 cam would have a different layout than a V3 cam.