Allow schedule AND event to control shortcut / rule triggers

Upon motion detection (camera or motion sensor) trigger a bulb to turn on, but only during certain times, e.g., 10PM - 5 AM, or sunset-sunrise?


I would like to see Mode(Day/Night) in Wize app for event to be triggered based on Day or Night mode.

For example, I don’t want to see Wize Bulb turned on or contact sensor door open event in Day time but, Night time it has to.

Thank you.

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I love using the Bulbs to automatically turn on/off the lights based on the Motion Detector. But, it would be fantastic to have the ability to choose both a Time of Day and Event when creating a Shortcut instead of just one or the other. This would allow me to have my lights turn on/off with motion, but still be warmer/dimmer in the evening and cooler/brighter during the day. Any chance of adding this little tweak to the shortcuts feature?

I need this too. The simplistic solution is to allow Automation to use AND clause instead of Or for time of day/event based triggers.

This I feel like a one of the most BASIC and fundamental features of a smart home. Please prioritize fixing this

I want to use the Wyze motion detector to turn on Wyze light bulbs, but ONLY from 9pm to 6am. I can’t figure out how to add the time parameter to it.

It works be great if there was a way to set the Wyze Bulb so that it is always off between specific hours, such as 6 am and 8 pm, and/or have these automations only active between 8 pm and 6 am.

That way an can nsure my motion initiated rule does not turn on the bulb during daylight hours.

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This is actually built in already. Use IFTTT to turn on the light and Wyze Shortcuts to turn it off. Wyze has a time delay to turn off the bulb.

I set up my Wyze bulbs with the motion sensor and they work great. However, I don’t want the light bulbs to turn on during the day. I just want the motion sensor to activate the lights at night. I’ve tried a different number of shortcuts and combinations but I can’t find a way to set it up to only work at night. Anyone have an idea?


Can you add a finish time to the automation feature when creating a shortcut. I want the settings I selected to function from the time I leave work to the time I return. Thanks.

I need to be able to turn on my smart bulb when there is motion, but only when it’s also a certain time period (night). There should be a way to setup multiple triggers for shortcuts, with AND/OR/NOT options. For instance, if motion detected AND time is between 10PM and 6AM, then perform action (bulb, camera, etc).

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Request: Ability to enable / disable triggers based on the time of day (natively within WYZE app).
Use Case: I only want a trigger to function at night (if motion detected AND is between 10PM and 6AM run action).


I agree, the combination of “Time of day” and “Event” will allow much more automation.


When using motion detect to turn on lights, we need a time of day option when creating shortcuts, for porch lights which do not need to come on during the day.

Motion sensors need that Time of day option

Need a “return to last state” option.

Need a “timer” on actions so you do not need to create a second shortcut to turn off a light.

So you can have a light come on for ten mins then return to last known state.

Say you have a hall light turned down (night light) a child or pet gets up triggers the motion sensor and the hall light goes bright, and then returns to “night light” after the set time.


I would also like the option to enable the shortcuts of turning on my front porch lights only at night. Right now I have it so that if notion is detected. It turns light on. When motion clears. It turns it off. But if you have the ability to only have these shortcuts activate for example between 9:00pm - 7:00am. It would be awesome.

Definitely want this ability. Currently we have front door sensor that turns on the foyer lights when opened as well as a motion sensor that turns on the same foyer lights when someone walks down the stairs… Would love to be able to set this to only run 5pm - 7am… or thereabouts. Basically when it’s darker out.

I just got notified the wyze app got updated to add more functionality and scheduling? But I can’t figure how how to activate the rules only during night. Has anyone figured this out yet?

They are not talking about what we are, they just cleaned up the UI no time of day control of the sensors YET

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I wonder if the device trigger can add an action choice “Dog Barking Sound” when detecting a person??

If we could set a schedule to enable and/or disable a trigger then I think this would solve most problems.

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Yes for me that would be great.

Twice a day I go in and do that.

I disable at 6:30 a.m. and enable at dark.