Allow more than 1 Wyze watch of same size per account

It would be great to be able to have more than one watch hooked up to your account at a time. I ruined my watch face so I bought another one. When I’m working on “dirty” things that could ruin the watch I want to wear the one I ruined then switch without having to reinstall one watch and delete the other to use the nice one.

Wyze series 47 watch cannot connect 2 watches to same account. Wife and I share same email why should I create new email and new Wyze program in her phone to get watch working also cannot share with feature because watch doesn’t show on share app.
Nice sell 2 watches without figuring family might use.

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It’s ridiculous. Took awhile to figure out that it wasn’t just me, that we cannot have two 47 watches on same account. VERY DISAPPOINTING

2 watches on the same account can’t be hard.
I have one 47 on one phone and another 47 on another phone yet my wyze account can’t handle it?

i’d love to know the reason why this is not possible (at the account level)


AGREED. I have a wyze 47c im unable to use for my wife because I already have a 47. If i create a 2nd account she can’t control the other wyze products without signing out and then back in to the main account. Ridiculous.

While I have already voted in agreement with the need for multiple watches on 1 account, there is a workaround to the current situation. All of our Wyze devices are in my account. When my wife and I both got watches I created an account for her, with her watch, and then shared all of the other Wyze devices from my account to hers. It’s not as elegant as being able to maintain a single account but it works.

Multiple watches paired to one device

I own two Wyze watches but can only pair one per phone. Why not allow multiple watches to be paired to one phone?

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I will add my vote. Just got 3 watches for my kids and can’t pair more than one. Would love to be able to pair to one account.

Hello there, have you tried creating your wife an account that has access to the devices on your account? Tell me if that solves the problem :smile:

We ended up adding one watch to her phone, one watched my tablet, and one watch to her iPad. She had to create separate accounts for each one.


Actually, it’s for me. My son did not want to wear his so I decide to switch between two watches between charges.


Add Multiple watches to same account

I have multiple family members with the Wyze watch and would like to monitor all from the same user account. Currently each member need to create a separate account to monitor their watch.

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We have two kids who do not have phones yet and I want to control their watches. However, I can only set up one watch. Need the ability to manage more watches at once.


I bought a 2nd watch (for me) since they now offer a color, but can’t set up 2 on one account. Did you delete the first one and add the 2nd, then do the same to switch back and forth? This is really ridiculous, to not be able to have more than one watch on an account. Suggestions? Create another account with a different email and then use both? SMH (come on Wyze…you guys are the techies and should be able to offer this feature!)


Still no update for this request? I purchased a 2nd watch 47 and I got the 1 limit warning. My question is, if I delete the other, and add the new one, will it carry over the stored images I have to use for watch faces? I have some images I can’t locate and would like to use them.