AI tag for events - Add emergency siren

Event AI tags - there should be a tag for emergency services siren. Today, I had an event that was triggered by a EMS siren. It was tagged by the AI as baby crying. Amusing, but as I thought about it, we should have a tag for emergency sirens. I could have tagged it as vehicle, but since it was a sound event, that doesn’t make sense.

Note that this new tag request is related to the “What was in the video?” page for the purpose of training the AI model.

I have gotten the “What was in the video?” question a number of times. However, none of the options listed are what was actually IN the video.

For example, the last time was for a clip of a bird landing on a window bird feeder. But I selected “pet” for lack of any better option. I had the same issue of a deer passing by a driveway camera. Again, I selected “pet”.

You could “birds” and “wildlife” as options. Or even something as general as “other”.

I understand all of the above. But I also feel strongly that an alert for EMS is also important to recognize. This was a sound event, not motion. The AI tagged it as baby crying, which is world’s away from what it was.

Is there actually a consistent sound for EMS sirens? Wyze was able to add detection for smoke and CO alarms because they have a standard sound.

If there is, it’s a very short list. They only use one where I live, no matter what the agency.