Add more Alexa Actions

I have tried this and it does not work. I wish it did :frowning:

Yes, make this happen.

Alexa - Wyze Floodlights

There needs to be a much simpler way to turn the flood light on and off. For example, if you were working outside and you need the light to stay on, you should be able to simply tell Alexa to turn the light on and then off when you are finished. Not everyone in my house will use the Wyze App.


As many other people requested, please add an Alexa action to set the state of the Wyze Thermostat to Home/Away/Sleep.

We need the ability to use Alexa to turn on/off the FLOODLIGHT portion of the floodlight camera.

ie… “Alexa turn (on/off) the backyard floodlight” or “Alexa Set the backyard floodlight to 50%”.


Smart home voice command to toggle privacy mode on Pan v3

I’d like to see a voice command for Alexa that can toggle privacy mode on and off for the pan v3. Right now when I leave my home I have to pull out my phone, navigate to the camera, and turn privacy mode off. When I get home I have to do the same thing to turn it back on. Using voice commands would be easier and faster. It could also open up possible automation with IFTTT and other systems comparable with routine triggers through Alexa.

A voice command to turn it on and a second command to turn it off would be awesome.


Be able to turn on and off a wyze camera with Alexa

I found a workaround for this. I had a spare wyze plug and can control that with an Alexa command. Using wyze rules I programed the camera to turn on when the plug turned on, and off when the plug turned off. Works like a charm.


YES!! we absolutely need this heavy! very useful, i want to go out and BBQ at night, and i want my alexa to trigger the floodlights icon button in the app somehow, or be able to hold the PIR trigger on. SOMETHING! = ALEXA, Turn on floodlight.


Welcome to the forum @dmagazz

How do you have your floodlight automated? Is it set to turn on by camera detection, pir sensor, or sound detection ?

I have mine set to trigger on by pir sensor and camera detection. I have the timer set to 15 minutes as well, but if the pir sensor and camera continue to detect motion past the preset timer the floodlights will continue to stay on. So if you’re in range of the device it should stay on until it doesn’t detect anymore motion and it’ll automatically turn off.

@dmagazz Does that work for you? I am still having all kinds of issues with my floodlights.

What issues are you having?

I am still having a lot of issues. I will start a new thread because they are unrelated to this thread for the most part.

As far as this issue, I have seen your recommendations for using both the camera and PIR for detection and I am going to give that a try tonight

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ive been trying to figure out a workaround or trick to get my WYZE cam floodlights to light up using alexa.
other than that all my wyze stuff works ok
i will tell you though that i have my pan cam on the edge of a wall ridge and when it looks straight down
the camera illuminates off the bottom section of itself because its white, si i put a strip of sanded black tape there so the reflected illumination doesn’t fog up the picture when it looks down so much.

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