Add more Alexa Actions


Would like to be able to ask Alexa what the Temperature/Humidity reading is on a climate sensor

For Example

Alexa, What is the temperature for the Garage Climate Sensor?
Alexa, What is the humidity for the Garage Climate Sensor?


Bump +1 on this wishlist. I can’t believe this only has 36 votes! Really? Is Alexa dead? Am I living in the past? What’s the new trending smart home automation voice assistant all the hip kids are using nowadays?

Honestly, every Wyze device should be able to be read and controlled by Alexa. INCLUDING THE SENSE HUB!



Right now, when I tell Alexa “I’m leaving”, the only option I have for a Thermostat action is to set one specific temp. I can’t change the ‘state’ to Away so that it reacts to the Away range I already programmed onto the T-stat.

More integrations please!

I would really like to be able to see the Temp sensors attached to my sensor hub in the Alexa app/skill. I would like to be able to ask Alexa and get the current value, something like “Alexa - ask Wyze for temperature in basement” and have it reply with the current reading.


Alexa control of floodlight independent of cam would be great!
Make floodlight a device independent of cam.


Would like to see scan cams. Show each cam that’s on for 30s then switch to the next. If Alexa would just allow multiple custom actions in a routine I could set it up there but I guess either the wyze skill or Alexa app must be updated to do this simple task.

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No voice command for the lightbulb (I need Alexa) is a deal breaker for me. Even a mechanical switch on the socket would work in my situation. There are non-Wyze versions available with a mechanical switch for the lightbulb, and that likely is what I’ll go with.


I’d like to add “arm stay” and “arm away” options on the Wyze Hub too.
probably a “Disarm with code xxxx” as well.

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So in order to use Alexa to turn on my front porch light with the lamp socket , I have use a Wyze bulb?

Apply Sun Match Mode from Voice Assistant

Use case: Sometimes at night will set bulb color to red (for a dimmer night light) by saying “set bulb to red” however the only way to set the bulb color back to sun match the following day is to go into the Wyze app and re-toggle sun match.

Would like to say something like “set bulb to sun match” and have it apply that setting.

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I don’t happen to have a Wyze color bulb unfortunately, but on my wiz bulbs, I just say, “Alexa Front Desk daylight”
Mentioning in case it’s just phrasing.

A Hold command to tell Alexa

This is not currently available.

An Alexa command that allows us to put on hold the thermostat

And also an Alexa command to set thermostat to home , away, and sleep modes !


Turn flood light on using Alexa

I just installed my new floodlight with the three camera. I’ve been very disappointed that I cannot turn on the floodlight itself using Alexa. Quite often I like to look out into my yard and I have to have my phone available in order to turn the light on the fire started around. It would be so much easier just to ask Alexa to turn the light on.

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I’d like to be able to turn flood light on/off via Alexa.


This is what I came to request. Simple as "Alexa, turn on my (name of wye floodcam) floodlight.


Make this happen Wyze!

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I have tried this and it does not work. I wish it did :frowning:

Yes, make this happen.

Alexa - Wyze Floodlights

There needs to be a much simpler way to turn the flood light on and off. For example, if you were working outside and you need the light to stay on, you should be able to simply tell Alexa to turn the light on and then off when you are finished. Not everyone in my house will use the Wyze App.