Activation date and time - Doorbell Pro

When you first start your camera there should be a place in the app that will tell you the activation date and time. Some insurance companies require that info. And that would be for all of your products.

[Mod Edit] Several Wyze cameras, including the original doorbell do show an activation date in their device info menu, but currently the “Doorbell Pro” does not.

:thinking: interesting.

I just checked my V3 cams, PanV1, and Doorbell V1.

All have the activation date in the Device Info page.

Odd that the Doorbell Pro doesn’t.

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Can confirm the doorbell pro does not have an activation date on the device info page


Thanks for the confirmation, although I believed the OP and Mod who added the note. I just find it an odd omission from the standard. Puzzling how that could be missed from the template.

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I worked with tech support it is weird the doorbell has no activation date

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