Ability to Assign Different Motion Notification Sounds to Each Wyze Cam v3

Come on Wyze community, support premise that Wyze engineers figure out how to assign differing motion notification sounds on same network for each Wyze Cam v3 or other cameras as well. Ring gives the ability to do so, why not Wyze products which I am growing to like more and more over time and like better than my Ring products at this point - except for inability to assign differing motion notification sounds to each cam. If I could do so, I would immediately know without looking at my phone from where the motion detection is coming from around my home heightening the security ability of the cameras. Sometimes having to open the app on my phone to see where the motion is being detected takes additional time and gives trespassers or criminals time to do what they want. Wyze community, please chime in on this so that Wyze would seriously consider doing so.

Besides my post below this has been covered many times, and using the search feature on this forum would have led you to the answer below and many others.
If the method I posted doesn’t work for you there was an app mentioned in other posts that will do that too…

On Android you can change the notification sounds in the phone, it is not changed in the app.

On my phone I click through several layers to get to it, but you start with the notification when it happens.

Click on Setting Gear for WyzeMessage

Click on WyzeMessage

Click on Sound

Select the Notification Sound you want hear…

You can even add notifications sounds to the library from ones you created or downloaded if supplied tones don’t work for you

Android 14 on a Pixel 6 Pro, other phones may have slightly different method

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