A rare (for us in the Pacific NorthWest) lightning strike

This was just after midnight Sunday, or early morning Monday 06/25/2018.
A relatively rare positive charge lightning strike that (according to NWS) stretched from Seattle, over Mercer Island down towards Federal Way.
The sound (for me) placed it by SR-520 though (video edited down to just the strike).

To be noted is also that it seems the cameras buffers and saves about 2-3 seconds of footage before “event” is triggered by motion. This is in reference to cloud storage. Local storage seems to capture from “whole minute”. I.e, if event is at 12h35m23s, minuted captured will be from 12h35m00s and onward.

IMG_2905.TRIM_.mov (335 KB)

[Mod Note]: Added re-encoded mp4 video for proper embedded viewing in web browsers.

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