A letter from the founders, what to expect in 2023

Hey Brian

Was it (December 7, 2022)  that borked it?

I’m hanging back a few versions, hadn’t heard of this.


Ah, outdoor cam. :point_down: Thanks!

No it was

I would like to see a desktop app that would allow live monitoring of multiple cameras.


@pattenbrian is not firmware for the Wyze Cam v2, that is firmware for the Wyze Outdoor Cam v1. There is currently a firmware in beta that fixes the 180 issue which should be releasing very soon.

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Here is my Feedback.

Folks, I have been a customer of Wyze since 2020. I have had so many issues with their product. I can tell from the changes so far that the owners of this company are chasing big bucks. They are not producing products for quality. Quality is deficient. They keep introducing new products every few months to add to their low-quality products. I am unsure why they can’t focus on the previous products and improve them instead of making a new portable Vacuum cleaner or smartwatch. I bought Wyze products for security around my apartment. Their sensors are garbage, and the light bulb system is of shallow quality. I have constantly had issues with sensors turning the lights. Most of the issues arise when Amazon AWS has issues. The owners will bankrupt this company shortly. I don’t think they are making a ton of profit at the moment. I will remove all their products and say goodbye to this mess. Customer service is deficient. You can not get a human over the phone. Their hype buyers are the ones who droll for the newest low-quality product and can easily be brainwashed by the hype. I opened a ticket this morning and have yet to get a response back—trouble customer service. Wyze will keep adding new products, and quality will continue declining. They used to be a decent budget product and nowadays are dollar store quality. Buy their product at your own risk, and when you have problems, good luck getting support.

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I agree. I will never buy Wyze again.

100% agree and been warning those for years.

Agree. I’ve been slowly phasing out their equipment. A lot of shortcomings in automation by various companies can be resolved by using things like home assistant as a rules engine, but wyze seems to be actively fighting third party automation software and forcing people to use theirs alone, but it has so many security flaws, missing features, integrations, etc etc. It’s just not worth it anymore. They take years to update new features that they even already have betas for. It’s like they half complete projects then give up on them.

And think about it. They’re just now committed to making these camera fixes? These were their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th products. Now they’re fixing them?

You do bring up a great point but they were only the first 3 products, number four was the initial Wyze Sense line. I do understand that some people feel it is too late but hopefully we can get these things working better and maybe some will give us another chance.

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I stand corrected but am wildly concerned that you felt that correction changed something

Thank you for mentioning Wyze sense though. The sense line is another demonstration of wyze’s lack of commitment to cohesive home automation and requirement that users adhere to their eco system alone. It’s troubling that even in the newest iteration wyze still implements proprietary communication standards when the rest of the world has long switched to zwave, ZigBee and BLE.

I don’t think it changed anything, I also said you made a great point. Prior to being employed here I was a user for about 2 years. I agree with what you say and that they needed to be working on bug fixes and making the camera experience better. I am hoping that we ger a lot going with this and can get things fixed.


Hello All, As I am reading this, It brings back so many bad memories of other companies that basically function the same way and at the end of the day filed for bankruptcy after deceiving their customers with false promises. One in particular company NO NAME though manufactured a simple miro-PC-based way that took all files/pictures and automatically transferred them to their product for safekeeping. After a few years of broken promises to fix and enhance its products, it did not have the qualified staff to archive such a goal. Hence, they called it quits and filed only after they took the public for millions. of dollars. I’m not saying this is the case here however, I have a simple rule here if a company develops its own proprietary software it is very important they follow certain protocols in any software development. Perhaps this company should share with its readers a timeline for fixes rather than statements like “We hear you!” or were are going to focus on! Promises. Coming from myself from a software developers company and working with FDA/governmental organizations around the world we produced and tested/completed Validation of all software-developed products before a release to public.
So I guess I’m saying to Wyze management STOP! Using your customers to do the testing of your products and deliver sound and quick support to your current products and only then, produce new products when you have your house in order.
Best Regards,
P.S. There’s no wine, before its time!

I must respectfully disagree with your statement that “You can not get a human over the phone.” I feel it noteworthy to mention that in my experience — Wyze has always been very responsive over the phone.

While true that some products are defective, their customer support and warranty backing has been phenomenal, Wyze has consistently provided prompt telephone troubleshooting when I’ve called. If a solution could not be found, they immediately shipped a replacement product.

You mentioned the issues almost exclusively arise when Wyze is used in conjunction with your Amazon products. If that is the case, then perhaps it is a software compatibility issue with Amazon’s updates. Keep in mind that manufacturers like Wyze are having to constantly—daily—keep up with updates made by other companies, like Amazon. This can be seen across so many products from other companies just like Wyze.

Perhaps the issue is being caused by the third party products that you’re using. Maybe try exclusively using the Wyze app?

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Man the level of negativity here is a little off the charts.

Wyze makes good functioning technology “for the price”.

Any issues I have had (and I have had a few) they have been quick to fix or replace the units.

For the price point your not going to find better products from a company that will provide better support.

And all software and hardware is tested as best as you can in a lab but you never find all the issues.

Your expectations for the product have to be tempered with the price you pay for it.


Any technical support I have been able to reach is in the Philippines. They use the same script and the lack of technical support. I use to be able to get any issues solved. Now they refuse to honor warranty promises. Once my cameras are dead,I will find a new camera company. I will never recommend Wyze to friends or family.

I agree that the hardware they are building for the price is CRAZY and that has been the driving factor in me owning a LOT of Wyze hardware across the entire product line. Never has this been a concern.

My hope for 2023 is to take the currently great hardware lineup and pair it with the software / features that take it to the next level. This is where I feel there are great gains to be made. Give that hardware the ability to do things that make it shine!


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We’ve been waiting for Wyze Dashcam for too long.