A Bluejay, a Woodpecker and Cardinals at the Birdbath

I’m not sure if I found a match for the woodpecker or not. My book has a Flicker that looks like him.


You got it. It’s a female yellow-shafted Northern Flicker. :+1:

You also captured a flycatcher. Probably an Eastern Phoebe:

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Oh wow, I didn’t catch that one. I THOUGHT I had one of those coming around before, but forgot to cross check.


Great video!

You should have set the subject to: “A Cardinal, a Bluejay, and a Woodpecker walk into a bar…” :wink: That’s how I read it when I first saw it…


Haha. Sometimes I’m not that witty.

“I’ll do it, but do you have to hit me on the head?”

I’m also a little slow on the uptake.