2 watch 47 to one account

I’m sure this has been address already but haven’t been able to find this thread. Will there be a point in the future for multiple 47s to be linked to one wyze account?

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This is currently on the #wishlist:

Is there a reason you would need this. Most of the time, it’s best to have one account for each user and not to have multiple users per account because the health data is linked to the account.

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The reason I want the watches on 1 account, is because video playback can only be viewed on the main account. So, allow video playback on shared accounts or allow multiple watches on 1 account.

I get video playback on shared accounts.
I wanted to be able to have 2 watches on the same account so both would get notifications.

sorry, I mean from the full playback SD card. We can see the event videos. Sorry for the mini-hijacking.

1 household = 1 account
2 wyze watches under 1 household should be under 1 account

only makes sense

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So I got some for my kids. Great watches. They don’t have but tablets that won’t sync. Kind of sucks if I can’t monitor them all from one account

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