Zello walkie talkie Channel for Wyzecam verbal chats

Suggest that Wyzecam set up a Zello Channel for Wyzcam users, and potential users to discuss, assist, help other users.
The Zello App is used by many people for personal use, and by first responders, rescue operations etc.
Zello has apps for Android phones and tablets, Iphones (not sure about Ipads) and on Windows PC’s. Once you set up a personal account you can join a channel that are set up by searching for the name and joining…hence Wyzecam.

You can interact with each other verbally pressing on a button showing on your screen to talk, and release it to listen to responses.
Wyzecam may need to establish a business account, but individual users can establish a free personal account. You can also communicate with friends and relatives at any time on a one on one or set up your own channel for a family, group or whatever.