Wyze Watch Timers, Keep the last six custom timers instead of six useless presets

I find the current list of preset timers practically useless. I need about 5 regular timers and none of the presets fit my needs. So, instead of Wyze guessing at what six timers all users need, why not just keep the user’s last six custom timers? Since I only need about 5, the timers would already be listed on my timer page and I wouldn’t have to make a custom timer every time I need one.

If programming the watch to store the last six isn’t practical, alternatively you could let users set six in the app and push them down to the watch like we do the clock face.

Either way, I think this would make the timer section much more user friendly.

I had previously brought this up to the Dev team. Im hoping this one is implemented along with the timer being active IN THE BACKGROUND and not in on the forefront. as it stands the watch is solely a timer when you are using the timer, I was a little let down by that part.


I also have an Apple watch and this is a built-in feature which I probably use as much as anything in the watch. Great idea!
Got my vote!


One option I considered was requesting the watch start the timer on the phone and basically display the countdown on the watch when you go to the timer. This absolutely puts the timer in the background as it is running on the phone. This would rely on constant connection to the phone and that doesn’t seem to be a strong point here. As it is, difficulty setting the timer, the foreground take-over of the watch and the non-useful presets, I find it so cumbersome, I’d rather ask Siri to start a timer or set an alarm for x minutes. Timers I need and use frequently are 33 seconds, 40 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes and 15 minutes as examples. Setting the watch by scrolling the numbers is slow because you can’t flick it and have the wheel roll for 20-30 seconds and then press or tap to stop the roll. Having the timer takeover control of the watch while the timer runs is tolerable for less than a minute countdowns, but beyond that, painful. As it is, the best usefulness the timer provides is checking the box that the watch has a timer. Hopefully, some simple tweaks will help.

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Would like to be able to set custom time slots for the countdown timer. As a soccer referee the ones that get used the most are 30, 35, 40 and 45, with the majority for the middle two slots.

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