Wyze Watch 47 band chemicals burned my skin

Well, I’ve worn a silicone banded watch for 24 years without any sort of rash or irritation. There is something going on with the bands Wyze is using.

I don’t understand how that solved anything.

The additional punched holes on my “Bracelet” watch provides breathe avility to to skin thus ending the rash. Love the watch as value is great tho wish i could check blood pressure also. Heart issues were recorded and reported to my cardiologist.


That brown leather watch band is not leathet

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The band I purchase was this one and is leather. What are you referring to as not being leather?

It is actual leather or “vegan leather”? Which isn’t real leather.

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I would like to find out also…Will call Monday for Product sheet on “Leather” strap.

It looks to be much more expensive than the other straps, so maybe it is real leather.

My last “Leather” band cost me $400…I’ve been a Watch collector for 20+ yrs. Leather (Watch) bands have grading scales and for $13…you get my point. I will inquiry Monday if I can get someone on the phone. I would not be Jogging, Pool with a $13 “Leather” band. Stay tuned all.

$400, for a watch band?! To each his own I guess.

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I tried to take picture of the Band where it mentions leather. I can just make out GENUINE LEATHER imprinted. However, I have had the band for sometime now and it is not a prominent. I have no reason to believe this is not real leather. it wears well, had lasted a long time and is not thin as with Faux leathers.

Here are a few pics:


Where was this ordered from I would like to try it out.

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From the Wyze Site. Go here:

and either select Watch and Band Straps at the top or scroll all the way to the bottom.

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Tru that !

I have experienced the same reaction. I did contact technical support to question the band composition and was told it was silicone and some people have reactions to that. I have other watch bands of the same material, silicon, and do not have any reaction.

I have not worn the band for 2+ weeks and my wrist is now starting to clear up. I will test again after cleaning the band with scotch bright and dawn.

Is there possibly a mold release agent used in the manufacturing of the bands?

Don’t know but i’m done with it and bought a third party adjustable steel band.

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I too had a rash but bought an oblong hole punch on AMAZON punching out holes opposite the punched side to enable the skin to breathe also. Rash problem gone !

Considering Wyze gets their stuff from China explains a lot. They have a history of using harmful materials in their products.

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Had the same problem
Had to discontinue use

Good selection on Amazon. Many styles.