Wyze Video Doorbell - Wireless battery version

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Any updates on this?

Yeah a battery powered doorbell would be nice. I just moved from a house where I had mine wired up, to one where there isn’t an external doorbell.

Fortunately I found a teardown video that shows there is a micro-usb port on the back of the doorbell under the gray sticker, and I’ve peeled that off and am in the planning stages of building a little box to put a battery pack into so I can pull it out and recharge it when it gets low. Finding the right battery pack and designing the box (going into the corner, will give me the best views) to fit but not look too bulky will be the next step.

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Just received (and am returning) the WYZE doorbell because I don’t have an existing doorbell and I can’t afford what it will take to make it work without that. Super bummed! Any chance there might be a wireless version that would connect to my WYZE Sense Hub like my other devices do?


I would really love to get one of the Wyze Video Doorbells, but I live in an apartment complex that doesn’t have doorbells for each unit. Thus, I cannot use a hardwired doorbell (alas, no wires to tap into). I would really like to see a wireless, rechargeable video doorbell. Would anyone else be interested?

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You are in luck because it says it is ‘in-development’


I would also be really interested in this!

I would loved to see a wireless battery operated video doorbell like the wireless wyze camera outdoor.


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I just moved into a new (old) house that has no doorbell. I have the video doorbell I bought for my last house but this means I can’t use it, right? I would love to have a wireless doorbell if/when you get one. I would even volunteer to be a beta tester for it :).

I just love all things Wyze :slight_smile:

No, if your have the wyze it needs power. But do some detective work on your front door area. Most old houses have wired doorbells. They usually are wired behind the trim on the door on the latch side. If your handy, you can pop off the door trim and see if you can find it. It might have been hooked up years ago. Also, look in your house for a transformer. (Google doorbell transformer to see what it looks like) That is another sigh that you have the wiring. I thought I had a wired doorbell on my 2003 home but when I went to take it down, I found out it was wireless, the button had a small battery and the chimes had 4 D batteries. But, in my garage I have a transformer. Since I went with a wireless Ring Doorbell, I did not have to do any research and find the wires.
Good Luck.

I will order a battery version on the first day available - do you have an ETA? Keep the great Wyze products coming please

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Me too. As soon as there is a battery operated doorbell I’m in!

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Is there any plans to design a doorbell camera that does not require hard wiring?

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I would like to request a battery powered doorbell / Chime or at least the doorbell to be powered by usb like your normal camera and the chime battery.

I can’t use your doorbell as it is designed only to replace a hardwired doorbell. My current doorbell and chime both use batteries.

Batteries would be best because there wouldn’t be any ugly cables on the front door but even using the USB like your other cameras is better as I can’t hardwire it at all.

The chime especially should have the option for a battery as it shouldn’t use much power and often people put them in places where there is no powerpoint so that it can be heard best. Mine is in the stairwell where there is no powerpoint at all.

This is probably the one product from Wyze I look forward to the most. Looking forward to seeing progression on this.

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Come and get it! A battery-powered video doorbell is now available for preorder!

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Oh my gosh they changed the design! It’s chunky but a step in the right direction. Definite better than the first version. I’ll try it out.