Wyze Video Doorbell Angle Brackets & Covers

If you are needing a 45 degree angle bracket or other options for the Wyze Video doorbell, go to Doorbell Accesories

The 30 degree bracket from Wyze was not enough for my installation - the 45 degree bracket from Etsy worked great! The two vendors that seem to be focused on the Wyze Doorbell and Cameras are: NicholsMachineWorks and RichieParts I have worked with both of these individuals and can highly recommend them to create a solution for your issue!
There are covers that have have a circle in a different color for those who state that individuals try to ring the camera - circle in color highlights where to push to ring doorbell!

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I was looking for straight adapter to install my video doorbell. I do not have enough room behind the one provided to hid the wires, Thanks to you I found what I needed.