Wyze Vacuum Alexa Support

@WyzeGwendolyn When is Alexa support arriving. When I purchased my robot vacuum I came to the community forums and read multiple posts stating this feature would be relased first half of the year. Based on that I bought the Wyze. I could have bought robot vaccums with same feature settings and had Alexa alreayd integrated but went with Wyze. I do nto walk around my house with phone attached and would love to just issue a voice command to clean a room. Is this going to be released for this vacuum or not. Customers need to know this one way or another. If it was never planned then why let the posts in the forums discussing this be allowed as that lead me and others to buy this vacuum. No Alex integration plain and simple makes this useless to me now. I am tired of reaching for my phone to control this robot.

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As of this date, the official status has always been “maybe later” for Alexa integration with the vacuum on the wishlist, so I don’t know why you thought it was in progress. “Maybe later” is the lowest status, meaning they have not even started considering it yet.

You can vote for it to be considered here:


They sure as hell didn’t stop or dissuade all the posts saying first half of 2021. They could have chimed in and said it’s in the roadmap, delayed or something. This is a big disappointment. Those posts are why I bought this. I would have passed and bought an Alex enabled robot. Learned my lesson here. Guess I will buy another robot :frowning:

@Newshound I thought it was in progress because of multiple posts in the official community forums saying it was. If people where posting lies and rumors then Wyze should have killed those rumors and lies instead of letting them be.


I’m with you @robert.haney… I’d love to see a response from Wyze on this. I haven’t seen employees engage on this feature request at all and I’m puzzled as to why. Wyze is the type of start up that has generated a following in their short existence. Customers seems loyal, techy, very supportive of the company and excited to see new products released. I constantly see posts related to this feature in the forum yet Wyze employees never seem to engage.

Why are we being left in the dark here? It seems uncharacteristic of the company and culture. I’m definitely a Wyze groupie but feeling a bit disappointed here. Where is the customer obsession guys?


I can’t believe I actually thought Wyze would actually deliver on basic promises. I’ve learned my lesson

Another user in another discussion pointed out a 3rd conversation where a Wyze employee said it was coming, so I am trying to get a status update on that.

An update from a Wyze employee saying Alexa integration for the Robot Vacuum is still in progress:

I have asked them to move the associated wishlist item to the roadmap and mark it in development.


Not sure why this has not been implemented yet as this is a rebranded vacuum so the software should have been created before launch. I guess they are too busy making new products and hope you buy those instead