Wyze Sprinkler Outdoor Enclosure

Is there an outdoor, weather proof enclosure coming for the Wyze Sprinkler?

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@tlernst I believe it’s coming in the future no ETA. If you’re interested, you may want to join the discussion here.

My current enclosure has an 1.5 inch steel pipe that carries the wires.

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1/2” or 3/4” is the most common in my florida neighborhood…
I’ve installed 3 controllers.

How can you be dealing with enclosures when the product has never even shipped?? I ordered this sprinkler when firs advertised and have received nothing !! This runs true for the camera that was supposed to come with the vacuum that i bought. Then there are the door censors that are no good once the battery dies. There is no replacing them. Also the the Pan camera that I sent in for repair that was never heard from again.
This is how WYZE has been treating me. Customer service is a total joke. These people are a scam taking your money and giving you the shaft.

David Streeter
Port Charlotte Florida.

I’ve had mine since early January…
2 friends ordered the irrigation controller and received within 7 days…
I also have a wall switch dimmer & 3 outdoor plugs and 7 cameras …
Sorry you’ve had issues…I have had none…
I’ve been very satisfied !

Home Depot. Made by Orbit, works with multiple manufacturers

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Where did you buy the enclosure?


Home Depot

Just announced today: