Wyze Smoke/CO Detector

Signed up here to vote for this. I assumed it came with the new HMS solution given that the cameras can detect existing alarms but I was bummed to see that I will not be getting the fire monitoring discount with my new insurance company that I was expecting. If a Smoke/CO sensor is made I will buy several of them as long as they hook into the HMS and the Noonlight monitoring.

Same here! If fire monitoring is added to HMS/Noonlight I get a $100/year savings.

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Nest is overpriced. One of the appeals of Wyze is the value you receive when purchasing their products. X-Sense is making good sensors and seem to be following a similar development path as Wyze. My home has a sprinkler system, and it alerts the fire department, but dealing with a situation before your house is soaked, is REALLY preferable.

Noonlight montoring certificate shows smoke, water detection as options. I would think Wyze could bring these products to market.

Could Wyze provide any comment on the future availability of smoke, heat or CO2 sensors? As soon as they are available, I’m a customer of the home security system!


This wishlist is labeled as “researching”, so that says some level of resources are being put towards this potential future product. Also, in a recent reddit AMA, this was asked, and this is what was answered:


Im 100% with Kel. This is a must have for me to consider switching to home security system.

+1 vote for smoke and co detector

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Did you also actually vote using the voting button at the top of the thread? :slight_smile:

Judging by how they released their most recent products, I expect that this will require the home monitoring hub if it’s released.

I’m not one to buy stuff that requires a subscription to use so I guess I’ll be looking elsewhere for my home automation accessories unless wyze releases a hub that doesn’t need to be a part of the home monitoring subscription.

I share “rodaimi’s” disdain for subscriptions. It seems that one cannot buy a box of Cheerio’s without paying monthly fees to General Mills. That said, I found the Wyze system far better than all others in terms of value. For about $200, I have a monitored home security system for a year. I believe the leading provider requires more than that to just to answer the phone, As previously purchased systems wear down, I expect to be adding the Wyze equivalents. POE camera. Water/leak sensors. Doorbell camera.

If Wyze comes through with smoke/CO2 detectors, I will send my Ring doorbell, Govee leak detector (and hub) and Amcrest POE camera to eBay.

I’m not gonna wait any longer. Just moved to a new house and need something. Gonna go w/ the Nest Protects for now. Maybe I’ll add whatever wyze makes later on.

3 years in to this post, still no major update. I have had over a dozen Nest protects over the past 9 years. Version 1 and 2. I have had 7 of them go bad on me over the years, some just a couple months old. Luckily Google replaced most of them for free, even upgraded me to a v2 once. But they are unreliable, often complain about dust and other issues, and don’t do well anywhere there is humidity.

I would buy 10 Wyze Smoke/CO2 detectors the day they are for sale if someone would confirm they are coming soon, maybe with a date. Add them to my 100 or so Wyze devices in my house. Been a Wyze supporter since the first camera went on pre-order and have pre-ordered almost every product every released.

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Funny we were just talking about this, my Nest Protect gave me two false smoke alarms at 2am and 2:30am this morning. They really suck.

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Yes!! Would absolutely buy smoke/carbon monoxide alarms for our house!


Hello, I wish the home monitoring service included Smoke/CO monitoring. So far it only includes burglary/trespass and the certificate for the insurance companies reflects that.
Without the smoke/CO central monitoring, the insurance companies won’t give a discount. Mine is charging $300 more because of that missing service.
I know the cameras monitor alarm sounds. I wish those were relayed to the central agency so they could show the service in the certificate.


I have the HMS I would love to see smoke and co2 detectors. Another vote!


Agreed. It would be a good addition, especially with an interconnection feature, and maybe a voice announcement of which detector went off: ie., “Carbon Monoxide detected in boiler room,” announced throughout the house.


+1, Noonlight already has an API that can take in smoke/CO alerts and integrate them into their home monitoring service. Wyze just needs to publish the alerts to Noonlight.


We want to switch to Wyze HMS but our current service includes smoke/co monitoring too. Can’t switch until it’s available with Wyze.

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