Wyze Smart Assistant

I’m going to make a very unpopular opinion but Alexa is glitchy to say the least. And with everything I’m hearing on NBC Nightly News I’m a bit leery using the Echos. So my thought is why not come out with your own version of Alexa? Wyzeguy or something for the name. I think that would be awesome, tbh and i’d pay top price for such an item. Wyze is connected online more than Alexa is from my experience and Alexa is sitting 1/4 inch from my router. Just a suggestion. :slight_smile:

This might be out of Wyze’s area of expertise, but I have a front door sensor (Wemo) that I will replace with a Wyze Sense that detects motion and then turns off a plug powering a radio when I’m out the back in the garden. It is a great option when I don’t have my phone on me to get notifications, or due to ambient sounds I’m unable to hear the doorbell. An outdoor smart speaker with this functionality would be even better.

I think this sounds good! Maybe Wyze will consider this. Like you said it might be out of there range though


Wyze reveals it’s interested in making a smart speaker

Along with locks, doorbells, thermostats, and plenty more


I think you might be suggesting that Wyze develop a “smart assistant,” as opposed to just a smart speaker. There are lots of smaller companies that make smart speakers, but they are smart in the sense that they have Alexa or Google Assistant built-in. Developing an alternative to Alexa or Google Assistant or Siri would be a pretty monumental task that, unfortunately, probably requires the resources of a huge company. As much as I love Wyze, I doubt that’s in their current wheelhouse.

In short: They could make a smart speaker device, and I think that would be a great product. But if you’re trying to avoid Amazon or Google, I don’t think a Wyze smart speaker device would necessarily do that. More likely, it would have Alexa or Google (or both) built-in.

Right. I’m not sure how this got titled as Wyze Smart Speaker as I had it titled Wyze’s Version of Alexa.

I switched it to “Wyze Smart Assistant” just now when I tagged it. :slight_smile:


You can build your own Assistant…


Or Wyze can look into these open source systems as a solution.

Please make a Wyze Speaker.

Possible uses especially with a removeable memory card for loading mp3 sound clips.

It can say things like; Front door has opened or Motion detected in Backyard etc. You should be able to program anything you want it to save it on the memory card. Also able to assign tones or music the same way and work with all Wyze devices that people want to assign to it. Step on the scale it tells you weight, the front lock has opened, the sprinkler is on. etc.

A small device you can plug in any room your in or take it outside and plug it in so you can hear any alerts.

Thanks for your consideration.

So I know wyze is very connected to Alexa and has been doing a great job with Google Assistant but I wonder what it would look like for them o enter the market of home assistants. I mean this all started out by making great cameras and their products have not disappointed me at all. I currently have 9 google home speakers throughout my house but I would change to wyze speakers just for the ability to keep one app. With so many products looking to be coming soon to add more home automation (switches, different bulbs) I just think it might be time for me to tell my wyze “wyzard” to turn on the lights!

If they do that I would get rid of my Alexa in a heartbeat. I really do not like Alexa and not for privacy reasons but because she’s stupid.

Would love to see a voice controlled home assistance speaker similar to a Google Dot, Alexa or Nest device. (Would be a bonus if there were fun features like different accents or the ability to address the speaker like a 1920s gangster “Hey Wyze Guy…you uhh…you wanna set the thermostat to 75?” And it respond with “Sure thing boss, settin the thermostat to 75!”

Digital Assistant

Is there any way for Wyze to create a digital assistant that we can control through our own network? My big issues with them is that someone else has access to my home and network, I don’t mind the concept of digital assistants, I like the idea of having a Starship Enterprise house, I just don’t want to let the Klingons or the Borg have access to it!
If necessary, perhaps Wyze can create a router for this?