Wyze sensor notifications delayed

Many times notifications from my wyze sensors appear quite late. I’m not sure if it’s my wyze settings or android app settings.

For example. I have a sensor on my mailbox. It is set to send open and close notifications.

A few questions:
Many times I will get the close notifications before the open. Sometimes, no open notification.

Sometimes the mailbox will open but I get no notification until I pick up my phone. It has just been in sleep mode. Also I will get a bunch of notifications that occurred much earlier.

It’s there an Android setting I can check? If I leave the phone plugged in to power help
Aippreciate any comments, tips.

Same issue. I have 2 outdoor cams, one on driveway, other on front porch, aiming at driveway AND entire front porch. Someone can pull up in my driveway, walk to my front door, open screen door & knock on door… i will not recieve any notification, from either cam until i answer door and person already inside my house. What use it that???

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No answers to this yet? This happens to me so the time. I use an app called Tasker that intercepts these notifications and announces them on my phone, tablet. Many times, as mentioned, I don’t get the notification of my phone is sleeping, then I get a bunch of previous Wyze device notifications.

It’s there an Android setting I can fix? Anything else to check?

A couple of possibilities:

There is a setting in the Wyze App - Account - App Settings. Turn on Running in the Background to make sure the Wyze app continues to run.

In the OS settings, insure the Wyze App and the Tasker App are both excluded from battery optimization.

Make sure there isn’t a setting in Tasker that needs to turn it on to run in the background. I use MacroDroid for the aame purpose and have that setting on.

Verify that your phone isn’t going into DND or that the Wyze App and the Tasker App is allowed as an exception.