Wyze sense climate guitar case humidity suitability

I have several high dollar acoustic guitars in cases that need humidity controlled in the neighborhood of 50%. Are the Wyze Sense Climate sensors accurate enough for this use? If so this would be great for monitoring it.
Someone from the Wyze team please weigh in.

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I am not an HVAC professional and don’t have the tools to do a real test. However, in comparison between 3 other temperature gauges and the Ecobee TStat, the Wyze Climate sensors seem to be spot on. My Ecobee is off by about 8% in comparison to the other gauges.

Please note that the Humidity Sensor does require the Sense Hub which comes with the Home Monitoring System.

If you have the HMS already, I would get a pack of 3 to test with.

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I am not from the Wyze team, but I am a guitar player and Wyze consumer. I use the Wyze Climate sensors to ensure that the humidity in my office is at 55% for my guitars when they are hanging at the ready.

I have matched the Wyze climate sensors to Oregon Scientific sensors and they have the same readings. Obviously time tells a better story but in the short time I have had the sensors, since their release, I have had no issues with any of my guitars.

With the optimal range for guitars being 45-55%, I am sure you would have no issues with monitoring your guitars in their cases with the Wyze Climate sensors. They will surely report within range.

Thanks, think I’ll give it a shot since all I’m doing now is having Alexa remind me to fill moisture packs every 3 weeks, about the time they go dry here, it would be nice to know what is going on humidity wise throughout that cycle and see if I need to adjust or not.

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Thanks, I have the HMS so the only expense would be the sensor pack.

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