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A friend here to visit who is all ipad all the time actually refused to use my little nexus 7 to browse for something when her battery was low. I just looked at her quizzically and shrugged. :man_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:

A good product should offer both options… as evidenced by this topic.

The Yi Home timeline is more fluid. Even on pinch and zoom. Wyze does work for me with pinch and zoom but is kind of clunky. Its hard to hit the exact start of the video. If you miss it by 1 sec. it looks like the bar is on the beginning of the video timeline but it just sits there and says no video at the selected time. Then you have to try and scroll the timeline up a fraction and at least for me, into the video past the beginning. Yi will automatically advance the the head of the video clip when reaching a dead space of no video. If you move your timeline back and forth and stop in a section of no video, it will advance to the next recorded event.

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Yes, I have a mixture of 3 Yi and 4 Wyze Cams. While the Yi app doesn’t have all of the features the Wyze app has, It seems much snappier and easier to use than the Wyze app. Viewing and playing back video is much quicker and smoother. Yi has been far more reliable than Wyze in giving me event notifications. The huge advantage for me is the Yi Windows app. The Yi app works in Windows without any third-party kludgy software. It can run in the background for instant viewing while using very little systems resources. I only use Wyze for watching my cat and recording time-lapse videos.


You can also use VLC viewer if you install the RTSP functionality. Cameras become addressable by IP.

Got the Wyze app to run on a PC using the Bliss android emulator.

  1. Downloaded Bliss 11.12 (x86_64) iso and extracted to 16GB usb2 drive, made bootable.

  2. Booted from usb drive selected Live CD option. It runs fine this way, and all changes are saved, including downloads and added files. Use the virtual wi-fi ssid to connect to internet and network even if host machine is using a hardwire. It is not necessary to run Bliss from a VM or separate partition and dual-boot unless your heart is really set on it.

  3. Downloaded and installed APK Pure baseline app, followed by the APK Wyze app. Works like a charm, both live feed and playback, including sound and speak features.

Camera: Wyze Cam Pan, purchased Feb. 2021

PC hardware: HP 600G2 desktop, 16GB ram, Win10-20H2. My setup is generic. The above config is not too difficult to set up, even for novices – it should work with most PC desktops and laptops. Cheers!

Well it’s been about a year since you last update saying you are working on a way to view cams on PC/Mac browser. Have you made any progress or put it on the back burner?
I have several Wyze cams and while happy with performance I’m seriously reconsidering investing in any more. My Nest cams all work fine with my browser as do Amcrest and Sunbas. Disappointed in your forward progress on this endeavor.

Mavens and Mods are not Wyze team members, we are users like yourself. For this topic, there is a mega huge wishlist that is labeled as researching. I know it’s been that way for a while, and I am waiting for this feature also hopefully be released as well. On the wishlist linked, change your notification settings for the thread to “watching” to be updated on any changes.

I found this from over a year ago.
I’m actually sorry I waisted my money on an V3.
It’s ridiculous that I can’t view your “IP” camera on a PC connected to the same network without jumping through hoops of Firmware overwrites or 3rd party Android software.


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I agree. This is something that is LONG overdue! I would have Wyze cameras all over the place if I had a way to view them with a browser or connect to them with my camera app that I use for my main IP camera system. The Wyze cameras would be ideal for ‘fill in’ use. I refuse to use security products that require connection to anything outside my internal network (my primary reason for not using Ring and similar products).

It only helps a little but you can now view one Wyze camera at a time via the Windows 10 Alexa app. See the big thread linked above for details or posts by @jack4.

Thanks for the suggestion but ‘apps’ like Alexa and anything else that has tentacles into the outside world isn’t going to cut it for what I need. I did find something about RTSP firmware that might do what I need although it isn’t supported and is unavailable for the V3 cameras. I don’t think that will be a problem though if it works.

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How do I stop this from happening in the Alexa App for Windoz

I doubt you can. This seems similar to the equivalent timeout on Echo Show views. Wyze indicated this cutoff might go away with the switch to WebRTC protocol that they have been planning.

Is there a way to do this with a macbook?

Not sure. I don’t use Macs, and I don’t know much about them. See this link below. You may be able to install to a usb drive that can be made bootable for Mac and choose the “live cd” option or similar to run. Be aware, however, that upon shutdown, your changes will not be saved using live cd. Your changes can be saved in the Bliss OS, however, if you install it to a hardvdrive partition w/dual boot or (possibly) by installation to a bootable external usb drive. I’m in the process of testing the second option. It’s really not to much work to reinstall the two apps each time you boot with live cd though.


What a RIDICULOUS run around to view these “IP” cameras in a browser. A Complete waste of money. I’m glad they are so “CHEAP”. I’m looking forward to getting my Reolink Camera on Tuesday!

Yea, I suppose…I considered the workaround as a kind of challenge. It’s just my nature to take on perplexing problems, sometimes arcane ones I admit, as well as trying to fix useful things that break. I may not come up with the best solution, but I’m always open to other people’s ideas and entertaining constructive comments. Let’s continue to hope for a true browser solution from the OEM someday soon. Cheers!

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The thing is the prices of the Wyze cams are going up and will probably get to the point that it won’t cost much more to get an acceptable IP camera instead. Unfortunately there are too many idiots out there that never give a second thought to funneling their video/audio through a service. This makes Wyze (and others) think it’s not worthwhile to develop and support IP usage.

It’s like the guy that is so worried about protecting his property and without understanding connects all his security stuff and lets it talk to some server that’s claimed to be secure. Real smart.

maybe a windows app?