Wyze Lock and Wyze Lock Gateway activation date?

Does the Wyze Lock list it’s “Activation Date” anywhere?

I see “Activation Date” under most of my Wyze products that I own under “Device Info”, but do not see that info under “Device Info” for my Wyze Lock.

Is this info available somewhere else for the Wyze Lock?

I checked all those other Wyze Items that I own, and the Wyze Color Light also does not have an “Activation Date” listed, but my Wyze Light Strip does have it listed.

The Garage Door Controller does not appear to have an “Activation Date” (the associated V3 has an activation date)

My reason for looking for the the activation date for my Wyze Lock was to see how long the batteries lasted before I replaced them.


on my v3 i see activation date but it is before the date i placed order