Wyze is now available in Canada at Petsmart

I have received an email today about Wyze products sold in Canada. There is only V2 and Pans for now. Good news.

Just saw this in the email as well.

P.S. Hey Canada! We’re still working hard and making good progress on an offical Canada launch, but through Petsmart Wyze Cam is now in 100 stores up there.

I wonder if that means these cameras are covered under warranty?


But, but, pet detection isn’t even in beta yet?

How much is $39.99 in real money? :wink:

Apologizing from Wyze for the long wait about their products to arrive in Canada, animal detection is now free and not beta for us. It can even give the breed of the animal. However, not as good to differentiate a fish from a dog. The US will have to wait.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good start, @WyzeTeam

$39.99 :canada: :grin:

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“Same as in town.”

Hehe, that’s a good old one.
In the US, was a Nun involved in the story?

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Beats me. It sucks only remembering the punch lines. :frowning:

This version is fairly PG. :blush:

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Got the cam v2 at petsmart today in person. I even suggested that they carry the sensor kits.

To get notified when those wily pooches open the toolbox.

Actually, some people have put the door sensor on pet doors to indicate when pet Comes in and out.

Funny if you remove « door ». :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Will Pet Smart be selling the outdoor camera?

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Is that something like the cheetah cam? :grinning:



Thoughts in order.

  1. Must be a bad Photoshop.
  2. Who would do that to a living wild animal?
  3. Seems like a very old camera, maybe some irresponsible film pranksters long ago.
    (Clicks link)
  4. PBS sponsored this awfulness??
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I just walked in on the family watching this show and hereby disavow all responsibility for it - except that I thought it was too trippy not to share…


(so I missed any explanation on how they convinced a cheetah to carry this thing around)

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