Wyze Cams Shut Off at 22:10 on New Year's Eve

I have 3 Wyze Cams V2 since 10/2019 and last night, when crazies were shooting outside my house for hours in celebration of the ensuing New Year, my cameras turned off!!! (Yes, they shoot guns in Alabama to celebrate!)

What’s up?

Last week 12/26/2019, 3 of 4 of my Wyze Bulbs stopped responding and would not setup any longer. Last night, the 4th joined them.

Is this a bug in the software or has the entire Wyze ecosystem been compromised?

All my stuff, Cameras, Plugs, Bulbs, Sense sensors etc are working fine. Sounds like an issue on your end? Somebody shoot your router maybe?

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A friend of mind’s house got shot last night. Bullet when straight through into the house. Thankfully no one got hit.

@ldjohn1955 have you tried power cycling them?

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It’s a real thing, every year some idiot shoots his gun off without considering the consequences and ends injuring or even killing someone. Back in 1969 my neighbor shot and killed a fool that was dancing in the street and firing in the air. He was not charged with anything, instead he was praised by the local police and newspapers for his quick thinking to end a threat. We need more of that kind of thinking.

No one shot my router. Thanks

Yes, I recycled the power individually; recycled the network; unplugged every device; unscrewed each bulb; unplugged all Amazon Echo devices; deleted/reinstalled and changed the passwords for the app…still couldn’t get Humpty-Dumpty back together again. Wyze Tech gave me a warranty claim, and I’m good-to-go now with fresh bulbs. Thanks, ldjohn1955


Glad they got you squared away :smiley:

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