Wyze Cams are struggling today

I have my home group of cameras sitting on a separate screen (via pc using bluestacks) and they have been struggling! absolutely struggling to stay connected. Giving different error codes almost every time I try reconnecting them. -27, 20, 90, -67, -20010, -20018. No network changes have been made, no new devices have been added to the network.

App has been restarted, and ensured it was up to date. Cameras have all been restarted and ensured they were up to date as well.

I love Wyze and their products, but if only we could get older products ironed out completely before amassing to new products. This rollercoaster of working and not working is becoming frustrating.

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Do the cameras stream fine in the App?

I run Windows 11 with Android Sub-System and the Wyze App is running good there…

Same issues on my Galaxy s21 ultra

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I can sympathize with you regarding cameras not working correctly. Last Winter, all my interior camaras stopped working for 3 months until I returned home. Now, we have been gone for 1 month and my outdoor cam base station and all 4 cameras have stopped working. I try to update the base station without any success. It says to check internet but if internet wasn’t working no cameras would work. I like the product but only seems reliable if you’re home to troubleshoot. Was use is that?


Having similar issues on my Samsung A8 tablet, Android 13, Wyze app v2.494.402. It’s only been happening the past couple of days and intermittent at best, mostly in split view (multi-camera view).