Wyze camera module for Swidget system

Are you aware of the new modular Swidget devices? They look like a normal wall outlet or switch, but they have this empty slot that you can install all these different types of modules. Thought it would be great to have Wyze video modules. Great way to embed your wireless cameras.

This would be awesome - because it frees up my outlet since the camera has constant power. The Wyze motion sensors would also make a great module!

My thoughts exactly @taurahanson

Someone is going to develop a camera for those devices - guaranteed. The switch is supposed to come out soon, which would be a perfect height for the camera.

Are there third-party modules for that system? The system may be patented. Regardless, there would probably need to be a pretty large userbase on that system before something like that would make sense. And it looks like the Swidget system already has a video camera module, so their existing market isn’t exactly underserved in that area anyway

Looks like they’ve done a revamp of their website, but on the previous one they had a whole section dedicated to partners for module development. So I’d like to think they are very open to 3rd party developers. Wyze is such a good product I think it would be an easy repackage to provide more options. I really like the idea of of embedding your smarthome tech into your home. Good point on the user database - it is a new product… But I can see how this could change quickly when considering home renovations and new construction.

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